Passion Projects

Elementary Genius Hour - Due May 19

Passion Projects Checklist

  1. Presentation (includes a Question & Answer session)
  2. Product
  3. Research folder or binder that includes:
  • A table of contents
  • A topic proposal (completed with all students at school)
  • Research record (includes all research notes & bibliography)
  • Reflection
  • Signed student, parent, teacher certification letter


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List of Projects

1st Grade

*Yusuf - Turtles

Judith - Sea Turtles

*Sheccid - Australia

Chelsea - The Statue of Liberty

Serena - Mexico

Tevin - Horses

David V. - The Great Wall of China

*Lottie - The Leaning Tower of Pisa

*Andres - The Alamo

2nd Grade

*Jordanna - Skateboarding

Kynslee - Pacific Ocean

Liliana - Large Dinosaurs

Tatum - Ancient Egypt

Lorenzo - Baseball

Kennedy - Football

*Daisy - The Animal Shelter

*Everett - Scrap Mechanic the Video Game

*Zadarrion - Africa

Eliseo - Seahorses

*Dylan - Carnivorous Dinosaurs

*Micah - Wildflowers

*Jakoby - DC Comics

*Carson - The Human Body (focusing on bones & muscles)

Elijah - Housecats

*Chloe P - The Statue of Liberty

*Jared - Chinese New Year

Savanna T. - China

Brittany - The Twin Towers

Chris N. - Basketball

*Daniel G - Gerbils

Laurali - Ancient Jewelry

*Samantha - Bunnies

*Emiliana - The Great Chicago Fire

3rd Grade

Ethan E. - Football-Is the quarterback the most important player on the team?

*Jordan C. - Deadly animals-Which animals to avoid around the world

Zaidon P. - Police Dogs-Is the police dog as important as a human police officer?

*Libby S. - Dangers of the Sea-What dangers you might want to be aware of on vacation

Mia G. - Cancer-What causes different kinds of cancers?

*Chris C. -Japanese Bullet Trains-Would this be a good idea for Texas?

*Alicia G. -**Still Deciding**

*David H. -Pokemon-Using Pokemon cards/game to teach and practice math skills

*Tyrae K. -**Still Deciding**