From the Desk of Sean Dorsey

Issue 5. May 18th, 2018

End of Year Thoughts

We are almost to the finish line of another successful school year for the Sand Creek Zone. As we wind down to the end, I want to say thank you to our staff. I very much appreciate our team’s sacrifice, dedication, and enthusiasm in addressing students’ success. The “Pursuit of Excellence” is not easy. Knowing how much energy goes into preparing for learners each day, it is important to find time this summer to relax, enjoy a break, and spend time with families.

A quick look ahead to the start of next school year…teachers return July 27th and will have a mix of Visible Learning professional development, with Kara and Michael visiting schools, as well as time to get your classroom ready for the first day. At the zone-level, Visible Learning principles will continue to be the focus of our professional learning. We will be creating resources to support the integration of VL practices across our classrooms. I must say that I appreciate staff that has begun to try out some of what we have learned this year via Michael and Kara. We are all in different places in the VL journey. That is to be expected, and okay with me. The effort is what is important.

Our transition day for Kindergarten, 6th and 9th grade students is August 1st with all others attending on August 2nd. The district will host their annual kickoff at Sand Creek High School on August 31st, allowing you extra time to work in building prior to students coming back.

Summer Projects for the Sand Creek Zone

  • Sand Creek will have their football field turfed, a refresh in the foyer, new carpeting and new paint.
  • Remington has most of their upgrades complete but plans on bringing in community members to do some outside gardening and to address drainage problems near the building
  • Evans will be replacing carpet in the main office, the halls and in the library.
  • Springs Ranch will get new carpeting throughout the school and will have a new playground installed.
  • Horizon will have new lighting and carpeting replaced in all classrooms and they will be installing a new gym floor.

Be sure to check with your building supervisors on when buildings will be closed to staff and what areas will be accessible throughout summer.

Congrats Class of 2018!

93 Seniors participated in the Annual Zone Senior Walk through all Zone schools to inspire younger students to strive for their goals and graduate. This year's seniors will walk across the stage at the World Arena on Saturday, May 26th at 5pm.
Workplace Learning Opportunities

This is the Work Place Learning Marketplace. Scroll through until you find the career you are interested in, click on it and see what opportunities we have available.

Sheldon Dewitt Says Farewell to HMS

Sheldon Dewitt has been teaching Physical Education at Horizon Middle School for the past 21 years and will be retiring with 24 years in the district. He plans on embarking on a new business venture through Animal Therapy, helping people deal with life's struggle. We will miss you, Mr. Dewitt!

EIES Will Miss Gina Dupre

Gina Dupre will be finishing up her 24th year as the Art Teacher at Evans. She is retiring with 30 years in teaching, beginning her career in Denver Public Schools. During her educational career, Mrs. Dupree promoted and spoke up for the role of arts in public school. We wish you the best!