Come Celebrate 16 years of Zach!

Come and Celebrate With Me!

This is a surprise party so don't tell Zach. We will originally be meeting at my house and then we are going to play paintball and air-soft later in the day. Then when we get back we will play football and go fishing and at night we will have a bonfire and we can play Xbox later in the day.


Saturday, Feb. 13th, 6pm-8:30am

27214 101st Street

Trevor, WI


6:00PM: Everyone arrives at my house

6:30PM: Zach arrives at my house

7:30PM: Leave for paintabll

9:00PM: Start air-soft war

10:00PM: Eat pizza

11:00PM: Play Xbox

6:00AM: Play football

7:00AM: Go fishing

8:30AM: Pick-up