The Sky's The Limit

May 8, 2016

Facultly & Staff Bulletin - Montgomery City Elementary

Together we will guide, encourage, and challenge

our children to become life-long learners.

MCE’s PBIS Principles:

Be Kind! Be Safe! Be Cooperative! Be Respectful! Be Responsible!

Tracie with Radiance will be here Tuesday, May 10th

Please click here and sign up for your 10 minute chair massage with Tracie.

You deserve some time to relax. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Please help a fellow educator

We have been asked to help a fellow educator with her dissertation. She asks that each of our certified staff take her 30 question survey (5 minutes) that will provide feedback concerning our building culture. The data would be good to use as we plan for next year. I encourage you to take the survey!


(but allows me to score your school as a whole)


LINK TO THE SURVEY (around 30 Likert style questions about your school as a whole)

Engage your students with a new enthusiasm for teaching & learning - Teach Like a Pirate!

The audio is poor, but the message is worth the time to listen. It does improve after it gets started, or I just got used to it.
Teach like a pirate: David Burgess at TEDxLitchfieldED

What Is a Professional Learning Community?

Next year, we are going to revisit the importance of working as a Professional Learning Community. Please click the link and read the article to learn or re-visit the power in Professional Learning Communities.

Thrively - Find what interests your students and use it to keep them engaged in learning!

Please check out the Thrively site. I have added each teacher using your account. You should have received an email (in google) from them with instructions. Please take a look, I would like your thoughts on having students complete the interest and strengths surveys at the beginning of next year. There is a wealth of resources available for FREE, that we should take advantage of. The purpose is to create student centered learning.

Reflection as a tool to plan for next year.

I encourage you to take time to reflect on this year. Make note of the positive things you want to remember, the strategies and techniques that worked well for you, what you did to communicate with your most difficult students, what you are most excited about, what you look forward to next year, etc.

We also need to reflect on ourselves as learners. What have you done to grow as an educator? What was successful? What did you enjoy?

We also need to reflect on how we communicate with each other, as professionals. This is a good article to guide your reflection on our ability to work in teams and with other professionals. I encourage you to read it and reflect thoughtfully. We want to build strong teams of teachers for our students next year!

The #1 Factor That Determines A Toxic or Thriving School Culture

Looking forward to the 2016-17 School Year!

We had 44 students attend kindergarten screening. We are planning to retain 5 kindergarten students, and Youth in Need reports we have 10 possible students who did not attend screening. This puts us at a possible 59 kindergartners. If you know of anyone who forgot to be screened, please have their parents call our office.

Classroom assignments for next year:

ECSE: Kim Clements, Teri Lenzenhuber & another para TBA

Preschool: Kristal Zerr & Cindy Ebbersmeyer(morning at MCE/afternoon at JBE)

Kindergarten: Kayla Hart, Heather Kuhlo & Alayna Parmalee

First Grade: Megan Bote, Beth Cobb & Miranda Ott

Second Grade: Amanda Beshears, Kristy Ferguson & Liz Knapp

Third Grade: Lisa Chisholm, Missy Stufflebean & Bridgett Wieczorek

Fourth Grade: Tina Harms, Catie Monzyk & Vince Wolk

Fifth Grade: Jeni Burris, Leslie King & Dawn Linstruth

Title I Reading: Julie Porter

ESP Teacher: Debbie Fulkerson

Special Services: Cathy Mudd, Mandy Rodgers & Bonnie Keen

Speech Services: Jody Horner & Tawni Wollerman (contracted services)

Specials: Art:Jessica Shults, Music: Emily Satterfield, Library: Tara Polston, &PE: Justin Graves & Chasity Rodgers

Literacy Coach: Laura Allen

Math Coach: Amy Newland

Technology Instructor: Sheri Betke

Counselor: Amy Davis

Assistant Principal: Jenny Krattli

Mrs. Bridget Cobb plans to begin the year as Mrs. Chisholm's long term sub.

Important Notes:

  1. Our FAX system is slow, with poor image quality and often fails to send. If you need to send a FAX, please scan it to yourself and email the document to be sent.
  2. Purchase Order Procedures 1. Fill out a requisition and get my approval prior to any purchases 2. Once I have signed it, Diane sends the PO to Heather Combs 3. Heather waits until we receive the items purchased, and gets approval to pay by receiving the packing slip. She then authorizes payment. ** If you are attending an event or conference, and need a check prior to attending, you must note that on your purchase order. We cannot just call Heather and ask for a check. She will not prepare one without prior notice. 4. Once you receive your purchase, or attend your event, turn in your packing slip or complete your P.D. form so Heather knows to pay.
  3. Reminder -both of the computer labs will be closed for EOY testing. Please check the schedule before planning to utilize the lab.
  4. Our Field Day will be Tuesday, May 17th & 5th grade recognition will be at 6pm.
  5. We will have our annual Talent Show on May 19th - Any faculty & staff wanting to share a talent with our students in encouraged!! Talk with Laura & Amy N.
  6. May 20th is our last work day this school year. Our hours are 9am-3pm. You must check out with me before you may sign out for the summer.

MSTA Reading Circle Certificates

As we begin planning for the end of the year, you may want to refresh the requirements to receive a Reading Circle Certificate. Click here to read the policies and procedures.
Request for Leave forms:

You must complete a request for leave form anytime you are going to need a substitute. This includes approved school business. This form ensures we have subs when they are needed, and that you are documented correctly. If you call in sick, you must complete this paperwork when you return. We appreciate your help ensuring the paperwork is completed in timely manner.

End of Year Checkout List - Click here

I have started a draft of our end of year checkout list. These items must be taken care of before you check out on May 20th with me. Thanks!

Check-in with your Accountability Partner

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Happy May Birthdays!

May 1 - Corey Blackburn

May 3 - Megan Bote

May 5 - Liz Knapp

May 9 - Sara Schulze

May 10 - Carla Parker & Janet Hammond

May 12 - Sheri Betke