CES Weekly Bulletin

Monday, February 15, 2016

Ripley's Aquarium Pride Night

What a fun night of Merman, Mermaids, swimming with the stingrays, and family adventures! We do appreciate faculty, staff, and family participation! Thanks Ms. Courtney Davis and the Leadership Team members for organizing this fun-filled family event!


First Grade Writing

The first grade students expressed their thoughts on how they would carry on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King by having a dream to change the world. Read a few of them below...

The 100th Day of School

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Alexa Drayton, Kindergarten Student from Mrs. Rogers & Ms. Wilson's classroom

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The Student Q Team Brainstorming Ways to Improve Fun & Excitement, Caring, & Respect

The student q-team worked on putting into action their analysis of the student year-over-year data. Ideas were brainstormed to improve Fun and Excitement (F&E), caring (Belonging) and respect (Heroes) in classrooms and throughout the school.

After brainstorming and sharing ideas, students developed the following goal:

  • To make a plan by taking one idea from the caring list of ideas and one from the

respect list of ideas and combine them to make a project that will help the

students who believe they do not fit in.

This work also included action on the Fun &Excitement list and work with the primary grades:

  • students will type up the ideas generated on the F&E list and share it with the

teachers. The following explanation will accompany the list:

  • students will begin to work in the primary grades (Pre K- grade 2)
  • q-team students partner with guidance staff during character ed


  • q-team students work in primary classrooms and serve as a mentor

and/or tutor

Quote of the Week

Every teacher and employee of a school is a walking advertisement for their school. What does your advertisement say?

EDM Visit - Monday, February 8, 2016

During our classroom visits, we noted the following celebrations:

  • Evidence of standards-based planning, including appropriate warm-up activities to "front load" learning (particularly in 1st grade classrooms)
  • Prevalent use of academic vocabulary by teachers and students
  • Use of manipulatives to build conceptual understanding
  • Appropriate pacing according to district calendars and within lessons
  • Use of the iTLG as an instructional tool
  • Opportunities for student collaboration and discussion
  • Opportunities to see numbers and number relationships in many different ways
  • Use of ALEKS and targeted small group instruction during RIT time
  • Appropriate math fact support in special education classrooms
  • Positive teacher-student rapport

Recommendations and reminders:

  • It is important to ensure students are secure before releasing them for independent practice. Rather than releasing students to complete an entire journal page, work through items one-at-a time. As teachers circulate to monitor and assist students, it is recommended that they pull students back together 1) when they notice several students have similar difficulties, 2) to touch base with students to catch misconceptions or misunderstandings sooner, or 3) to formatively assess student understanding before moving on with the lesson.
  • It is important to make vocabulary "visible" to students. Not only should they hear and speak high level academic language, but they should also see and authentically write these terms in responses.

Science Instruction

Series vs. Parallel Circuits

Students were assigned to watch a youtube video about types of electrical circuits using their device. Students had to construct, draw, describe, and collaborate with partners.

Good News!

On January 28th, Ms. Elizabeth Marsh, Good News Club Representative, stopped by to compliment our students for being well-behaved and school for being so friendly. Kudos!

A-Team Notes - February 2016

February notes from A-team (Make sure to review the links and attachments to keep you informed of education reform and initiatitives.)

1. Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) http://www.ed.gov/essa

2. WIDA for ELLs is used to determine the English Language proficiency levels and progress. Take it seriously! Please make sure to collaborate and work with Mrs. Amy Hickman on testing students. -

3. Credibility - Dr. Maxey

Credibility is about how leaders earn the trust and confidence of their constituents.

When people perceive their leader as credible, they are more likely to...

  • be proud to tell others they are a part of the organization
  • feel a strong sense of team spirit
  • see their own personal values as consistent with those of the organization
  • feel attached and committed to the organization
  • have a sense of ownership of the organization

Leaders have followers.

4. Read to Succeed - Beverly Pilkey

Each school will be required to write a school reading plan and due September 1, 2016. There is not a template on what this should look like because this information has just been released.

5. Summer Reading Camp - Beverly Pilkey

A new criteria has been set and DRA2 will be used to test third graders that will qualify for the summer program. Retired teachers will be used to do the testing at each school.

6. Cursive Writing - Dottie Brown

students must be able to sign their name in cursive on every paper in grade 3, 4, and 5

starting tomorrow begin helping students write their name in cursive; no child will go to middle school without knowing how to write their name in cursive

7. SC Ready Writing (New state assessment for grades 3, 4, & 5)

  • It is important to spend time on the thought question on Achieve 3000.
  • SC Ready assessment is a reading assessment.
  • Same as Pennsylvania.
  • text analysis
  • every student will receive the sc ready writer's checklist for text-dependent analysis question sheet
  • 4th & 5th graders - having 5 paragraphs is not important for this test
  • answer question with evidence from the prompt
  • make sure students know what the prompt is asking; they cannot summarize
  • look for explicit and implicit evidence
  • a suggestion for special education students: practice underlining the question and what is it you have to answer; highlight the things that will help you answer the question

8. Small Group Instruction - Teachers, where are you on the small group differentiation continuum?

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CES Earns January 2016 Badges

Upcoming Events to Remember

Tuesday, February 16
  • Muffins for Moms (CD, K, 1, 2) Breakfast in the classroom will be served for other students.
Wednesday, February 17

  • Muffins for Moms (3, 4, 5) Breakfast in the classroom will be served for other students.
  • Nacho Wednesday during recess
  • Positive Pop-Ins (share positive notes with colleagues)

Thursday, February 18

  • End date of 3rd Interims
  • Black History Program in gym at 9:00 am

Friday, February 19

  • Kona Ice during recess;
  • Wear Red & Jeans Day

Monday, February 22

  • Ed Tech Monday in Media Center at 3:00 pm