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April 6, 2018

Important School Calendar Changes

  • Monday, April 9 - 20 extra minutes added to the end of our school day for the month of April
  • Monday, April 30 will be the last day we extend the school day
  • Friday, April 27 will now be a full day of instruction for students instead of an early dismissal day

These schedule changes are necessary to comply with the NC school calendar law.

WvES Take Action April

In April, our teachers are tutoring on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for students who have signed up. The car rider pick up time for tutoring starts at 3:30 and we will utilize the regular car rider line. Please note that for Tuesday, April 10th only, we will also have Running Club picking up so the line may be a little longer.

Bus riders will wait on Mrs. Dillingham to return from her regular route (Bus 220). Then tutoring students who need bus service will load the bus and be taken to the established drop off locations (see the route below). We do not have exact drop off times yet as traffic on Main Street is very heavy in the afternoons.

Please note that if you have not already signed up your child for bus transportation after tutoring, then we cannot add your child at this point.

Please contact Heidi Allison at (828) 645-3127 or email at heidi.allison@bcsemail.org if you have any questions.

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What is an emotional bank account?

What is an emotional bank account? Dr. Stephen R. Covey, the author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families®, defines an emotional bank account as one’s relationship with another. He explains the concept of an emotional bank account with a metaphor: “By proactively doing things that build trust in a relationship, one makes ‘deposits.’ Conversely, by reactively doing things that decrease trust, one makes ‘withdrawals.’ The current ‘balance’ in the emotional bank account, will determine how well two people can communicate and problem-solve together.” If you are struggling to communicate with your child you may need to ask yourself, “Do I need to make more deposits?”

When an emotional bank account has more deposits then withdrawals the people involved in that relationship will trust each other. Ridvan Foxhall Occupational Therapist and Educator states, “One of the key foundations of a strong relationship is trust. In order to build trust, one must continually make deposits of honesty, kindness, unconditional love, patience, all of those essential virtues that strengthen any relationship. In doing so, we build large reserves in the emotional bank account.”

Parents will make mistakes and will make withdrawals from their child’s emotional bank account. Understanding the difference between the deposits and withdrawals will help parents to build a large reserve of deposits in their children’s emotional bank account.

What are common withdrawals?

  • Checking your phone when your child is speaking to you
  • Nagging
  • Yelling or screaming at your child
  • Criticizing them
  • Being sarcastic
  • Talking about them negatively to others
  • Interrupting them when they are speaking to you

When we realize that we are making these withdrawals, we need to quickly apologize and stop making these withdrawals. We need to replace the withdrawals with deposits.

Ideas for making deposits in your child’s emotional bank account

  • Apologize when you make a mistake
  • Really listen- no interrupting or looking at your phone
  • Spend time with them- play a game or cook with them
  • Greet them as they come home
  • Notice what they are doing
  • Attend their activities
  • Be kind and patient
  • When children make a mistake, be compassionate and help them to solve their own problem
  • Laugh with them
  • Spend one on one time with them
  • Keep your promises
  • Relationships take time and lots of love.

Families can learn how to make deposits in each other’s accounts. As the deposits increase, the challenges your family may have had in the past will now become opportunities to build trust. Communication will improve in homes when children feel that their opinion is valued. The home is a place where children learn relationship skills that will help them through adulthood. Parents can affect future generations by modeling kindness to others and contributing to healthy relationships.

March 29, 2018 | Susan Wilson


Student Lighthouse Team Members have decided to purchase two new basketball goals for the playground!

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Congratulations to our WvES 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year, Crystle Hyatt, for being selected as one of the North Buncombe district finalists!

Mrs. Hyatt will advance to the interview portion of the selection process!

Way to go, Mrs. Hyatt!

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Click here to RSVP for our Leadership Showcase!

You can also send in the paper RSVP that was included in your formal invitation!


April 24 - 4th Graders visit NWR

April 24 - K Orientation Night at WPS

April 26 - 4th Grade Parent Night at NWR

May 4 - Kindergarten registration at WPS - CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT

May 22 - Rising 2nd graders visit WvES in the AM and Parent Night at 6 PM

We will schedule the graduates from NBHS to walk through our school again this year. Date to be announced.

EOG tests will be given on May 31 (ELA) and June 1 (Math). Students with perfect attendance will be entered into a drawing for prizes!

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Families of fourth grade students will be invited to join your child on Thursday, May 24th for lunch! This will be a special time for you to each lunch with your child and reflect on the time spent at Weaverville Elementary. Mark your calendars now and more information will come home soon!

Check out this special message from Weaverville Primary School:

Please see the note below from Mr. Chandler at Weaverville Primary about the WPS Free or Reduced Lunch Percentage and how you can help!

Please apply if you think you may qualify! Don't forget you have to apply every year!

If WPS loses Title 1 funding, our school will be impacted due to the loss of services available for K-1 students!

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Upcoming Events

  • Take Action April - WvES Tutoring Program - April 10, April 12, April 17, April 19, April 24, April 26
  • April 10 - 4th Grade Math Check In #3 - Paper and Pencil format
  • April 13 - Report Cards go home for Grades 2-3
  • April 13 - 4th grade field trip - extended day
  • April 16 - Report Cards go home - 4th Grade
  • April 16 - 2nd Grade Field Trip - Nature Center (3 classes)
  • April 17 - PTO Meeting at 8:15 at Weaverville Primary
  • April 18 - 2nd Grade Field Trip - Nature Center (3 classes)
  • April 18 - Growth and Development Classes for 4th Grade
  • April 20 - 3rd Grade Battle of the Books to be held at WvES - 9-11:30 in Media Center
  • April 20 - WPS Leadership Day
  • April 26 - WvES Advisory Council Meeting
  • April 28 - Celebrate STEM at Nesbitt Discovery Academy
  • April 30 - SIT Meeting @ 2:45
  • May 1 - PTO Meeting at 8:15 at Weaverville Primary
  • May 10 - 2nd Grade Musical Program @ 6:30
  • May 15 - Early Release Day
  • May 18 - Spring Fling
  • May 21 - Field Day with May 23 as the rain date
  • May 28 - Early Release Day - Memorial Day
  • May 31 - EOG Tests for 3rd and 4th grades - English Language Arts
  • June 1 - EOG Tests for 3rd and 4th grades - Math
  • June 5 - PTO Meeting at WPS at 8:15
  • June 8 - RtA test for 3rd graders who haven't met a pathway
  • June 11 - 13 - Grade Level End of the Year Celebrations - dates/times TBA
  • June 13 - Last Day of School for students