Graphic Design

Brooke Muenzenberger

Duties of a Graphic Designer

According to the Bureau Labor of Statistics,"Graphic designers combine art and technology to communicate ideas through images and the layout of web screens and printed pages"(2). These important artists associate with marketing managers to present their ideas for marketing projects. Determining logos, images for websites, and creating images that include a message, to the audience, is a huge part of being a graphic designer. Many graphic design jobs combine the logic of technology and the experience of establishing art projects (Bureau Labor of Statistics 2-4). Many graphic designers have several different design jobs. Some work with motion pictures, while others create logos (Bureau Labor of Statistics 1).


Many people ask, " What are the requirements to become a graphic designer?" For every standard job requires a high school and college degree. In high school, the student pursuing to become a graphic designer should take basic art and any other design classes available. Once the student is in college, they have to take Typography, Branding, Interactive Design, History of Design, Information Design, and many more (Bureau of Labor Statistics 2). Students need to have a early program as claimed by Bureau of Labor Statistics, "Many programs provide students with the opportunity to build a professional portfolio of their designs" (3). Tons of students get internships after college to have a greater chance of receiving a job (Academy of Art University 13).


Several different qualities classify a person as a graphic designer. Rasmussen College states that, "Graphic designers are rarely focused on one task at a time...handling multiple different projects" (11). Graphic designers are usually problem solvers, overly obsessed with details, extra persuasive, punctual, and multitask (Rasmussen college 1-6). The extravagant job of being a graphic designer often takes a person who likes to have a busy life (Rasmussen College 11). Also, not many people can handle untrustworthy, malevolent clients, which makes the design industry tough to deal with. Qualities of a person can make or break them to be hired by a graphic design firm.


Do graphic designers make a lot of money? Graphic designers don't make as much as professional football players, but they make more than other jobs, like teachers. A graphic designer makes between $35,392 to $74,000 annually. According to Design Shack, "...if you're new, don't worry things get better" (10). Don't expect to be making tons of money to start out. After a lot of years of experience, the money starts rolling in (Design Shack 10).


Considering the facts from Ann Marie Sabath's book, business casual is the uniform for most graphic designers (27). Business casual is classified as dressing appropriate for the environment you're in (Sabath 29). According to Anne Marie Sabath, " A mastery of dressing appropriately can mean the difference between getting a job, climbing the ladder in your organization, getting an appointment, or securing a contract" (27). Business casual is very important to make a better impression. For girls, wearing tailored skirts to the knee, blouses, a colored blazer, and wearing colored shoes is the best for an graphic design job; for guys, normal dress attire of dress slacks, a colored buttoned down dress shirt, loafers, and a printed tie (Sabath 32).


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