Become a better reader

My tutoring will make your teachers think your an adult in disguise.

  • "I feel like a hero of reading"-Helen
  • "Wow wow wow wow wow"-Julia
  • "Awesome"-Jude
  • "One word four ,syllables, SPECTACULAR"-Phil
  • "I don't know what hit me"-Veronica
  • "Is Helen a grown up"-Mrs. Gugar
  • "I totally recommend Jane"-Ms.Greg
  • "I think Julia has to skip six grades"-Miss.Bengila


C'mon and read with me. JANE

When:7th 8th and 6th

Where:3B and 3A on 3rd and 4th floor

Other:Other products and services include baked goods,bracelets and hair decor,pics,nail painting,computer lessons,story's/comix's,soccer and basketball compotition's,lemonade,and......,SO. MUCH. MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!