World War II

The War Against Hitler

The Start of the war

World war ll was a awful war that raged from 1939 to 1945. One of the main reasons for the war was Hitler. He was elected leader for Germany in 1933. He came from a very disorganized family. His father was married to his adopted daughter who was soon to be his mother. He was raised as a Christian and called himself so. Some of his thoughts and doings were not the Christian way. Either way, he thought Jews were not for this world. When he ruled the put Jews in concentration camps that either killed the Jews or made them work for him. So, with that said, many Jews that had done nothing were killed.

Pearl Harbor and D-day

It is late afternoon Sunday, December 7, 1941. You look up at the sky to see big planes hovering above your town. It's the middle of world war ll and the U.S. is still yet to be included. All the sudden bombs are dropping like rain. You run to avoid being hit. It stops for a moment and you make a break for your home only to see that it is ablaze. You look for your family and can not find them. To your surprise the bombs start again even harder. You cry out as you feel the explosion under your feet. Pearl harbor was a devastating bombing that the Japanese did to the US that was near their naval base. Many people were killed and made it where the US had to take action in the war. That was the starting point of the US in the War.

D-day is the day the U.S. dropped major bombs on Germany. This was a major secret and just one person who let it slip could ruin the plan. The bombing happened on June 6, 1944 and was very devastating. Many were killed or severely hurt due to the impact of the bombs. This was one of the major battles that won the U.S. world war ll.

Women at Work

Women, though they were not commonly seen in combat during the war, could, in fact, serve in many other ways. They worked in munition factories, factories that made shells, bombs, cartridges, and even made guns! Women also volunteered at their local Red Cross. They encouraged the sales of war bonds and planted gardens with their families. While it may seem as if women never served in the military themselves, they were fully eligible to sign up. However, they were limited to things like desk jobs and janitors, never the glory earners like shooting rifles and driving tanks. Women were also paid less, about 2/3, sometimes 1/2 and in some cases even 1/4 of what men would earn on the same hours, same job.

English children

During world war ll, England was bombed terribly. As a result of the bombing in rural areas english children were sent over to the U.S. for safety. They were temporarily adopted into kind families. Once the war was over they would be safely with their families in England. Though during world war ll money was tight, many families still had the heart to help them.
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The results of the war

What happened when Germany lost you ask? Well, this is why they lost world war ll. In all that happened, Germany made really bad choices. Such as after hitler said he wanted all Jews out of the world and he would fight for it the other countries had crossed boarder lines where it was out of his hands.

Wall of Berlin

The wall of Berlin was put up after the war to stop east Germans from going to the west side. The reason for this was that East Germany was controlled by the soviet union who were communists. Communism is when you close everything up to build a "better community." Basically keeping reality hidden from the citizens of the country. Many people tried to escape to west Germany but were shot in the process. The people who did escape ended up OK. This was the start of the Cold War with the us and Soviet Union.