1E Newsletter: Week of May 15th

What's going on in 1st grade!

This Week...

Sunday: HAT Day- 8:10am-8:50am in the classroom, World Language, Library

Monday: ILLUSTRATION Day, MSArabic/Explore, SWIM, Music

Tuesday: JOKE Day, Art, World Language, KG Concert (students only) (12:30 dismissal)

Wednesday: KICK Off Your Shoes Day, SWIM, Guidance

Thursday: LETTER Writing Day ,Music

Calling All School Books!

We are starting to collect all books that belong to the school- the classroom, book room, and library. Please start looking for books at home and return them to school. Thank you for your cooperation!

Thank you for coming!

Thank you for coming to Writer's Cafe. Click on the link above and login accordingly in order to access videos of everyone and photos. We had a great time sharing our poetry with you and celebrating Mother's Day!

Swimming to Start June 16- Monday

Dear Parents – Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2

Classes will be starting their aquatics unit during regular PE lessons starting the week of May 15th. This unit will go for 4 weeks finishing on June 9th. Aquatics is part of the Physical Education curriculum. The aim of the Lower Elementary aquatics program is to develop skills, knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

  • Water entry and exit (including jumping and diving)
  • Breath control and underwater skills
  • Buoyancy (Floating)
  • Swimming
  • Safety & survival

We are fortunate to have excellent instructor/student ratios so you can expect your child to be in a small group with students of similar ability. The pool is well heated/cooled to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Students need to have the following equipment:

  • Swimming suit (girls-one piece)
  • Swim cap
  • Towel
  • Goggles (optional) - We do not have goggles for students to use.
  • Plastic bag (for wet gear)

It is very helpful if students know how to tie their own laces or have Velcro straps. Students are not allowed to wear flip-flops or Crocs to school. If students will bring goggles please adjust them at home and have students practice putting them on and taking them off.

Children who forget their swimwear, cap and towel will be required to use a laundered school set. This is so they do not miss learning opportunities. Children should continue to wear their PE uniform on PE days during the swim unit. Please ensure their T-shirts and shorts are labeled with names or initials to prevent loss or mix up.

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at mpratley@asd.edu.qa

Mike Pratley

Lower Elementary Physical Education Teacher

A-Z Countdown

We are doing a fun activity to celebrate the end of the year in 1st grade. For the last 26 days of school we will be doing something for each letter of the alphabet. A hard copy of this will come home on Sunday, but here is a snapshot of what we are doing. Some things will be done just at school and other things students will need to wear something special from home (i.e. T day= wear your favorite t-shirt to school). It's a great motivator and countdown till the end of the school year!
Big image

Social Studies

We are continuing our unit in Social Studies on My Community Then and Now:

  • Reading fairy tales and looking for community helpers
  • Looking for specialized jobs
  • Identifying goods and services
  • Finding tools and how they help

3rd grade Fundraiser- Toy Sale

3rd grade is doing a gently used toy sale next week to raise money for Syrian refugees. If you'd like send money for students to shop they can do so each day at recess. Items cost between 1-20qar. All proceeds will be donated.

ASD Fine Arts Fair

Starting May 1st, enjoy 19 days of beautiful student artwork.

Random selections from PreK4-IB art are on display in the ES main corridor and the HS Fine Arts area so you may take a quick glance at what’s happening in the art rooms at ASD.

The students are very proud of the work they have created and we hope you take a moment to explore our galleries.

Collecting Cardboard for Explore Time

We are still collecting cardboard boxes such as cereal boxes/pasta boxes/etc. and toilet paper/paper towel rolls. The students love to build and create things with them during explore time and we are going through them pretty fast. A big Thank You to everyone who has sent items in-- we are still looking for more! Please send in your unwanted cardboard packaging so we can create with it in class!

Upcoming Dates

May 17- KG Music Concert

May 19- Volunteer Breakfast, Last day to check-out Library books

May 22- No School for Students, Teacher Professional Development

May 24- Full-day of school, 3pm dismissal

May 26- Assistant Appreciation Lunch, ALL LIBRARY MATERIALS DUE

June 5- Step-Up Day

June 7- Full-day of school, 3pm dismissal

June 9- Last Day Assembly

June 9- Last Day of School, Report Cards go home