Jack the Ripper

By: wesleymadson

Jack's victoms

Jack the Ripper Documentary
All women were prostitutes that needed money so for work they decided to become prostitutes and they were all seen with a man in a trench coat. but the man was never seen.

how jack killed his victoms

there are no pictures that aren't majorly graphic so I chose not to put any pictures for this.

Jack the Ripper would slice the women's thoughts and tear out some of their tongues out and then mutilate their bodies many times taking organs out. in one of his letters it came with a half ate liver making some think he was a cannibal.

the letters written to the police and how he got away with it.

many of the letters were clues to what he was gonna do next like he was gonna kill someone. but others were him boasting. they never had a real face for the murderer