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What is Thinglink?

They say every picture tells a story. Thinglink makes this possible. Thanks to @olivertrussell for introducing me to this app. Thinglink allows you to embed text, video, music and weblnks into a selected image. Educators can use Thinglink images as interactive learning resources that can be used to engage and inspire students in their learning.
ThingLink Tutorial

Tried and Tested.

  • Images of exam questions can comes alive with text that defines key works, video that shows methodology or facts that need to be included in answers. ( see one example in the text box below)

  • Images of characters can be given a new dimension with embedded sound bites or details of their history.

  • Images of places, objects, animals and just about anything, can have additional content added to it using thinglink. Let your imagination guide your creativity.

  • To redefine learning, let students create their own thinglinks as part of their learning summary and embed them in their blogs.

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