Why do black holes appear?

(And other black hole info)

The Basics of a black hole

So what is a black whole? It is a section of space with such a strong gravitational pull that nothing can escape from it. We don't know where it goes. It may just be inside the hole, which is likely, or it may link to another solar system... not likely at all. You're probbably thinking, if a black hole is so powerful, and bends light, why can't you hear them? That is because sound doesn't travel in space. It has to have molecules to bounce on, and space's molecules are just to far apart.

What does a black hole look like?

This is probably not what a real, active black hole looks like, but it is an artist's view of one. Black holes are so powerful, they can bend light. That is the whitesh-yellow ring around the black. That's what scientists look for when they look for black holes.
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The three types of black holes

Miniature- As the name states, it is the smallest type of black hole. It's mass is many times smaller then that of our sun. No one has ever seen a miniature black hole. They form when something obtains a critical mass and collapses into an almost infinitely small pinprick of strong gravitational pull.

Stellar- The middle class black hole. Our galaxy has many stellar black holes. Or at least potential black holes. They are also known as stellar mass black holes. Theses happen when a star stops producing stellar "energy" and it's reaction causes it to collapse.

Super massive-This is the biggest type of black hole. It could have a mass up to billions of times bigger then our sun. We are still trying to figure out how there made.