Final April Lights of 2016

The Forward is done, now come the MAP and the PALS.

Congrats to our 3rd and 4th graders!

They did it! The students of these two grade levels, along with the guidance and perseverance of their teachers, completed the FORWARD Assessment from the DPI. This is the first exposure to this kind of testing for our third graders, and the fourth graders had a similar test this past year. The results will be sent to schools in October! I am so proud of the kids and their teachers.

Big Kickball Game Next Monday!

The Merton Kickball Team is hosting a charity event to benefit local families. We are challenging the Merton Community to a kickball game! Admission to the game is 2 non-perishable food items or $2.00 per person. Pack a picnic, bring the family, your lawn chairs and be ready for a fun evening cheering on your favorite Merton staff or community member!

Carnival Was Huge!

Carnival success!

Last Friday, our students, under the leadership of Mrs. Niemczyk and Miss Kohnert, ran a carnival to raise funds for new Intermediate School playground equipment. It was a booming success! I can't tell you how proud I am to see the way our students interacted with the Primary School students and their families. The Primary School kids sure enjoyed the help of the Student Senate kids!

Here's another way to learn about how our school works!

April 25th School Board meeting

On Monday, 5th graders joined the school board meeting to showcase their "Poetry Break" for those in attendance. The kids did a great job sharing poems that they had memorized, complete with gestures. If you have a chance, please check out the link to the board meeting so that you can see them in action. If you want to see the Principals' Presentation that Mr. Budisch and I shared, here it is.

4th Grade Expo-nearing the finish line!

The project calendar started on April 4th with an introduction by the teachers about the continuing study of Wisconsin. The children are focusing on a topic specifically relating to Wisconsin. Below are photos of some of their work on building their display boards.

4Ker's rockin the library

Below are some pics of the little learners exploring the library, checking out books, and sharing stories with pals. Nothing like a new book with a child. Gotta love this!

A special week for 2 special ladies

Stephanie Janquart and Melissa Smith are the welcome team as you enter the school office. They are the right hands that help to make our school a terrific place to learn. This week was Administrative Assistants Week! We thank them from the bottom of our hearts!

Mike Budisch

I truly enjoy asssembling the SMORE each week. It is like I get to personally give you my view of our school and those who work, study, and play within its walls. Thank You!