Famous Psychologist

Alfred Adler

when he was born and when he passed away

He was born on the day of February 7,1870 adn he passed away on the day of May 28, 1937. Alfred has two children on son and one daughter.

The Impact of Historical/ Psycholgist Field

He got a job in the medical degree. He begun it as an opthamologists, and later on he switched to general practices. In WWI, he was a physician for the Austrian Army at first he was on the Russian front and then moved to the childrens hospital. Alfred was the second child out of six children. In 1902 Alfred was one of the first people to read "Sigmund Frued's" book on dream interpretation. In 1911 Alfred spilt from "Freud" to make is own group.

Interesting fact/importance of modern-day

Alfred has a school named after him which is "Adler of Profeesinal Psycholoy." There are alot of people that go to the school named after Alfred. His book is still popular till this day.