Marilyn Monroe's death ghhhhhhh

The tragedy

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There are so many theories I can't even imagine!! Here are some of the theories below:

1;killed by RFK and Ralph Greenson.

"According to this theory Kennedy told Marilyn that he wouldn’t marry her, and Marilyn threatened to stage a public conference and reveal her affairs with him and his brother John. Kennedy demanded that Marilyn leave him alone, and to hand over the diary in which she kept track of her affairs. Marilyn refused, and Kennedy left in a fit of rage.

2;she was killed by communists"

"In June 1964, far right-wing author Frank A. Cappell published arguably the first book that expressed skepticism about the official account of Marilyn’s demise, The Strange Death of Marilyn Monroe. Cappell’s 70 page booklet featured some of the earliest tropes now common in conspiracy circles, including that the Kennedys had a hand in her death. Cappell argued that both Marilyn and Robert F. Kennedy were communists, and that Marilyn was ultimately the victim of a vast communist conspiracy. According to Cappell, “Many ‘suicides’ and ‘heart attacks’ and ‘accidental deaths’ are in reality murders ordered by the Communist Party.”

3; she was killed by the FBI or the CIA!!!!

"He believed, to get back at the Kennedys for the disastrous Bay of Pigs fiasco, right-wing agents of the FBI or CIA killed Marilyn to upset the Kennedy brothers. He also claimed that Marilyn called the White House on the night of her death, and that the FBI confiscated her phone records. Mailer, however, didn’t have a single shed of evidence to back up his claims, and later admitted he only wrote the book for money."

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Where it all took place?!?

Marilyn's death took place in her bedroom at her house in LA,California. (which her bedroom door was locked) Her hand was on the phone and the room was set up and too tidy! so lets find out what happened to this amazing star!

Pictures from the scene and a(n) bonus meme!gdfh bfy

5 fun facts!

help make Marilyn a legend with more info! here are some fun facts!

1;Marilyn didn't like diamonds.

2;Marilyn had facial hair problems!!

3;"she never won an academy award!"-

4;her dresses from movies are worth MILLIONS!

5;Mariliyn had 11 sets of different foster parents!


Marilyn Monroe's death is just like River Pheonix's death in the laye 1990's.

they call Marilyn blond bombshell.