Ponce, Puerto Rico

By Matt Marlow

Ponce, Puerto Rico 2014
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Puerto Rico es este de la Republica Dominica.
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The red stands for all of the warriors who have fallen. The white stands for the peace they have enjoyed throughout the years. The blue stands for the sky and the blue coastal waters.

La población

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The currency that Puerto Rico uses is The U.S. Dollar.
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Carlos Correa

Carlos Correa was the number one overall pick for the Houston Astros in the MLB draft a few years back. He is a shortstop in the MLB right now. He was born on September 22, 1994. He won Rookie of the Year last year in his debut season.

La boletos de avión

La fecha de mi viaje es el 1de junio al 10 de junio. El precio una boleto es $535.47.


Reina Street, Ponce, 00731, Puerto Rico, ‏‎888-950-5062‎

Duración de la visita 10 días. 1 doble por $500 1 individual por $500. Total es $1000. (Puerto Rico uses US Dollars)

La transportación

Dos maneras de transporte son autobús es $.25 - $.50.

Dos maneras de transporte son tren es $1.50.


Museo de Arte de Ponce


The cost for adult is $6 and $3 for seniors, children, and students. The museum is an art museum which has over 800 different pieces of art. It reopened 2 years ago after some renovations.

Castillo Serallés


The price for adult is $8.50 and 4.25 for children and seniors. This was the summer home of the Seralles family. They made their fortune selling sugar cane. The castle was built in the 1930's

Tibes Indigenous Ceremonial Center


The price is $3 for everyone ecxpect for above 75 and below 5 years of age. They are free. The Center is the remains of an ancient civilization. They uncover new stuff every year. The have discovered 186 burial sites, 3 ceremonial plazas, and 9 ball fields.

Actividades Divertidas

Isla Caja de Muertos

http://www.puertoricodaytrips.com/isla-caja-de-muertos/ The Costa of the Ferro is $28 for adulta and $23.50 for kids under 11 and $12 kids un de 3. (Round trip)

It is an island that you can go hiking on. It also has a nature reserve, a buetifal beach, a light house, and a cave.

Teatro La Perla


Tris is a theatre that is very nice. It was built in 1864 and can hold 1047 people. The theatre holds events from plays to concerts almost every night. Prices vary.

La Comida

Epanadillas are crescent shaped turnovers which are filled with lobster, crab, coche, or beef.

Pastelon de carne are meat pies. They are basically a staple in most Puerto Rican meals.

El restaurante

La Casa Del Chef


Free Range Chicken

Toasted barley rice, asparagus, wilted shepherd's purse $22 X 3


Abanicos is a fan.

Taíno rock is a rock with an ingravidez pattern. Based on the Taíno.

Vejigante mask based off of Puerto Rico Folklore


Alojamiento $1000

Transportación $10

Atracción 1$15

Atracción 2 $13.25

Atracción 3 $9

Actividad 1 $84

Actividad 2 $50

Restaurante $66

Totalmente 1,246.75