12 Elements of Student Ownership

Infused in Blended Learning Studios

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Checklist and Choice Boards for the Win

Wednesday, March 15th, 5-5:30pm

This is an online event.

Join us Wednesday, March 15th, from 5:00 -5:30 pm EST to learn how to implement student-approved checklists and choice boards to increase student ownership. All participants will receive FREE templates and resources in the K-12 classrooms.

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Data Driven Small Group Instruction Made Easy

Small Group instruction allows the classroom teacher to set up differentiated instruction for all students, generating equal learning opportunities for everyone to relearn, learn, or enrich the learning standards in a short amount of time. The power of small group instruction continues beyond the quality of differentiated instruction. Instead, it helps to develop student and teacher academic relationships, data-driven learning environments, and the ability for all students to have a voice in the learning process.

  • A FREE printable guide for deploying data-driven small-group instruction
  • Learn more about small group instruction with our FREE coaching videos
  • Read the blog post to grasp how to add the low-prep activities to the checklist.

I am excited to announce that I have written a book showcasing a step-by-step guide on implementing student engagement and ownership infused in blended learning studios for the K-12 classroom. The "Field Guide" displays twelve elements to enhance the classroom delivery of content that promotes higher levels of student ownership and engagement.

You can also purchase the book on Amazon!

12 Elements of Student Engagment and Ownership Infused in Blended Learning Studios

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