Gabi's Girls Scout Gold Award

Service Project with Coppell High School Special Needs Dept.

The Special Needs Department at my school is a part of my school which I am very involved in and has become very important to the legacy I am leaving at my school. Through my service project I am creating sensory boxes. A sensory box is a physical boxes which contain items that appeal to the student's senses. Each box has a theme and that is where I need your help!

Items I am in need of are-

  • 3 small holiday theme items
  • 2 animal theme items
  • 5 school items
  • 3 summer items ( possibly sun glasses)

I could use your help with voice recordings!!!

A voice recording of written script which I will provide and correspond with the sensory boxes' theme would allow the students in the department to further development their vocabulary and education. A theme icon with be on the box which will correspond with the correct voice recording. All volunteers would be appreciate!!

I would love for you to help so feel free to contact me questions or willingness to help :)

I am excited to complete my Girl Scout career after 12 years and appreciate your help. Thank you so much for you time and I hope to hear from you soon.