Harrison Happenings

December 15-19

This week in Room 300...

This week will primarily be about review, review, review! We will only be learning one letter sound this week (letter T), but we will have 3 lightning words per usual (mom, dad, play). Your student will have no math homework this week because we did not want to start a new concept right before a two week break. Since your child will not have as much homework this week, please take that extra time to practice their letter sounds and sight words at home. We will also be doing lots of fun Christmas activities, as I know they are SO excited for the upcoming holidays! :)


Please send in $3 for your child for the Christmas party before this Friday. Our room moms work really hard to plan a fun party for the kids, but they cannot pay for it all on their own. Please send the $3 in your child's money bag and label it for the Holiday party!

Parent Gifts

Today, your child will be coming home with a gift they have made for you. It is all wrapped up in a bag. You are welcome to open the gift this week, or you can put it under your tree for Christmas morning! :) Either way, be on the lookout for that gift to make sure it gets home safely! We worked hard on them, and I hope you all love them!!

What can you do to help your child over the break?

I know that they break seems like a long time to have your child at home, but it is a great time for you to go over some of the skills they may be struggling with. Based on what I have seen so far, here are some ways you can help your child over the break so that they do the best they can on their report card:

-Test them on their consonant letter sounds with flashcards

-Have them write using complete sentences, spaces, and periods on their own about their Christmas. They need to sound out words independently.

-Ask them to identify numbers 11-20. They often confuse 12 and 20, so this is a good time to fix that!

-Using playdough, have them make 3-D shapes

-Tell them words, and have them clap out the syllables

Reviewing these things at home will be great extra practice for your child and will ensure that they do not forget these skills over the two weeks.


  • Spearman Skate Night tonight from 6-8
  • Holiday party is this Friday at 1:15
  • If you are able, we are in need of playdough in our classroom.
  • Please do the lightning notebook homework EVERY night