April Team Newsletter

Congratulations on our best month yet!

WOWZA! Where to begin?! Congratulations to everyone on what was a history-making March! As a team we sold over $580,000 and had 136 new consultants join us .... truly remarkable! We also have several promotions to celebrate! Kudos to our newest:

Executive Director:
Ashley Insana

Senior Directors:
Nisha Adams
Marin Nelson
Dana Dickson

Renee Schulz
Elise Winter
Kelly Gemmel
Stacy Risch
Gina Droessler
Emily Fett
Lauren Vallas

Senior Managers:
Pamela Huerta
Samarah Hadley
Marie Grande
Racheal Ebelsheiser
Krissy Mueller
Deanna Kirby
Krystal Thomforde

Tom Shawgo
Jessica Wehling
Rachel Sullivan
Tracy Swedahl
BreAnna Evans
Sarah Hobart
Kia Olson
Jessica Grienke
Kelly Quade
Shannon Gallagher
Laurie Bish
Nicole Horst
Alexis Bell
Tammy Wylie
Lori Dingeman
Dana Follett
Lisa Park
Chloe Douglas-Crampton
Kristie Dunlop
Susie Bower
Kimberly Fleming

Senior Consultants:
Sarah Lahman
Amy Augustine
Debbie Harris
Courtney Pavicic
Kemberlyn Wuerfel
Michelle Christian
Jillian Kuhl
Marilyn Lemay
Lillian Zaborowski
Camille Hynson
Elyse Radke
Alison Edelstein
Holli Harvey
Claudie Towles
Kim Altena
Shawna Faircloth
Kate Buron
Saraya Pederson
Ashley Urbaniak
Ashley Bell
Laura Oberhoffer
Jennifer Selle
Susan Waines
Jennifer Bishop
Claudia Vrtis
Soledad Kern
Carrie Shannon
Shannon Sutton
Andrea Trapino
Mary Martha Wilson
Jessica Brandmeyer
Laura Kaiden
Katie Rehberger
Alex Trestik
Andi Simonpietri

Say Yes to Success - For new consultants joining Beautycounter in April!

This month is a great month to reach out and connect with those you think would make a great consultant! Here is an added reason to ask NOW and not later!

New Consultants who enroll between April 1st and April 30th, 2016, and accumulate at least 500 in Qualifying Volume by April 30th will receive an exclusive reward! And if you achieve 1,000 in Qualifying Volume, the rewards get even better...

Reach the 500 QV milestone, and you will receive:
A canvas Beautycounter Pouch – to carry your supplies
A 25-pack of Intro to Beautycounter Trifolds – to help spread our mission
A Start Counting bonus of $100 in product credit

Reach 1,000 in QV, and you will receive:
A canvas Beautycounter Pouch
A 25-pack of Intro to Beautycounter Trifolds
Five Cleansing Balm samples
A Start Counting bonus of $100 in product credit

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Compensation Plan Changes Effective April 1st

We are beginning our transition compensation plan for nine months starting April 1st, 2016.

This is a little long-winded - but important - so bear with me!

The change that may effect some of you is putting a new consultant minimum in place. Most of you won’t be affected, but some may be - or you may have some team members who may be.

Here are the details:

New Activity Requirement: To maintain your “active” Consultant status, a Consultant must have 1200 in Qualifying Volume (QV), of which 250 must be New Volume (NV) in a six-month period. QV is a new term (put into place with our launch in Canada) and includes client, member, and personal purchases. It’s essentially the same as our “old” PV.

This new six-month activity requirement will go into effect on April 1st, 2016. The first six-month period will be from April 1st - September 30th , 2016. Consultants who do not meet the minimum 1200 in QV (with 250 from NV) will be repositioned to Member status on October 1st, 2016.

On January 1st, 2017, Beautycounter will move to a six-month activity requirement for the following time periods: January 1st - June 30th and July 1st - December 31st. On January 1st of each new calendar year, those who do not meet both six-month activity requirements will be repositioned to Member status.

In addition, intermediate compensation plan changes will go into effect April 1st, with final changes effect January 1st, 2017. Please refer to the below April 1st Comp Plan document and the Comp Plan FAQs if you have questions. Further information can be found Behind the Counter in the Training section - just search by “Compensation”.

Be sure also to view the video below put together by Gregg & Gina - the password is "April".

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Biz Tip - Make Mother's Day a Success!

Mother's Day is around the corner - Sunday, May 8th this year. Beautycounter makes a perfect Mother's Day gift! Take ten minutes this weekend to make a list of everyone that you can reach out to about helping them gift their mom, wife, sister, grandma, etc. with Beautycounter! We will be using this list a bit later in the month but now is the time to start planning ahead. Ideally you are creating a list of 10+ people to reach out to (I find that men think this is extremely helpful!).

Here is my plan:
1. Create my list of 10+ people to reach out to about gifting
2. Plan on reaching out to them mid-month
3. Offer to help them shop for their mom (sister, wife, etc) and give them my favorite items that I think she will love
4. Offer to have it shipped to me (if they are local -- and you as the consultant can do a quick wrap and make arrangements for a drop off or pick up with the gifter)
5. Deliver before Sunday May 8th.

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Have a FANTASTIC month! Please reach out to me or your upline mentor if there's anything we can do to help you reach your goals!