Creative Projects Overview (CPO)

#2 May 16th 2013

What is CPO?!

Purpose: To express individuality and share fantastic work and thoughts.

We share projects that is "Creative, Unique, Inspiring, contains Frantic Effort, and meets required Benchmarks!"

It could be Art, Music, Humanities, Science, Math... ANYTHING !

Whole SIS students community has the opportunity to be selected :-)

This issue's project is... "Aurasma!!"

This week we went to the middle school humanities area and found out fantastic Aurasma projects from 7 th grade and chose Rick Choi & Thomas Kim's.

This project was...

  • an Aurasma Project about the book "Animal Farm"
  • working collaboratively with a partner
  • an analysis of assigned character who represents people in Russian Revolution
  • using character's actions, dialogue, representatives
  • Trigger image -> make a short 2min. video

Use Aurasma App on this pictures below to see their WELL-DONED video ;D

Thomas & Rick's "Old Major Aurasma!"

What their teacher said..

Rick Choi and Thomas Kim analyzed Old Major and tied his actions, ideas and speeches to those of Karl Marx, who is considered by man to be the "Father of Communism."

Mentioned theirs because they…

- independently conducted additional research on Karl Marx
- expertly analyzed the connections between Old Major and Karl Marx
- communicated their information clearly and in an effective and entertaining way.
- independently managed their time in and out of class to produce work that showed creativity, engagement and complex thinking.

Student's Interview

What do you feel about your project? Satisfied?

R: Yes, I am quite satisfied with my work. But if we had a little more time, I would have maybe edit the sound effects better than now because I couldn't here it very well.

What were some Challenges? Solutions?

R: In preparing the costumes. I solved the issue later naturally.

T: The time. We had to finish the Aurasma project in a short time, so we solved it by doing some individual work at home.

Did you have any inspirations / motivations for this project?

T: I think we managed to make a "creative" project because the character we featured in our video had a clear connection to the real world, so it was easier to make a video.

How do you feel about the recommendations?

We are quiet satisfied with the teacher's recommendation. GOOD! :)

Our Opinion ?

We viewed their projects in front of Ms. Battioni's room where all the other aurasmas are presented. We think that their project was very interesting, since it contained humor through several acting as well as deep analysis about the Old Major. Their work contained both humor and analysis. Moreover, the image that shows their aurasma was also interesting. It is a picture that represents the Old Major both as an animal and a human.

KEEP IT UP GUYS!!!!! Our observation of great projects will be continued... Who know if you might be the next one? :)