Monday Memo December 14, 2015

Inspiring Passionate Learners

Important Dates

12/14-12/16- PTA Peppermint Village Christmas Shop Open from 10:30-2:30

12/16- Promote College Day- Wear College Shirts

12/18- All School Sing Along & Faithful Falcon Awards Assemblies

12/18- End of 3rd Six-Weeks

12/18-Deadline to Complete All Safe Schools Training Videos

1/4- Staff Development Day @ Cross Oaks 8:30-3:30(Day off for those who attended June training at DHS)

1/5- School Resumes

1/6- CPI Refresher

1/7 CPI Refresher part 2

1/12- PTA Morning General Meeting- 7:20 AM in the Library

1/14- Staff Celebration Meeting & Assessment Literacy Staff Development

1/18- Martin Luther King Holiday- No School

1/22- Careers on Wheels

1/28- Staff Celebration Meeting & Assessment Literacy Staff Development

A Smile is a Light

By Carol Moehrle

A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside.
—Denis Waitley

Many messages are shared with just a smile. A smile that accompanies a robust laugh is so infectious that others will turn to look and immediately smile back just watching the other person's joy.

A person with smile wrinkles should be proud, as the wrinkles reflect much use and repeated sharing of that person's smile. Those wrinkles around the eyes show people that you have smiled often and share your smile with others.

A brief smile shared with a friend can be an acknowledgment that we understand. Spoken words are not always needed to share your thoughts with others. A smile speaks volumes, all by itself.

If you want a smile from someone else, all you have to do is smile first. Smiling is a universal language all its own.

Show others that you care, and wear your smile often for others to enjoy.