Play to Learn, Learn to Grow

Empowerment + Arts + Play = LifePlay!

Innovative Social & Emotional Solutions For Your School (K-12)

We at LifePlay believe that empowered, encouraged, and enlightened students are successful students. We believe that learning doesn't stop with academics. We believe that all children have the right to develop social and emotional skills to ensure a lifetime of success. We believe in play.

LifePlay educators are specialists in providing experiential workshops in social and emotional development, utilizing a variety of playful arts programs to develop the best in your students. Watch your school climate bloom and grow as your students learn through positive experiences in conflict resolution, restorative justice, self-expression, confidence, and team support. Our programs feature Socratic questioning and small-group work to ensure students are getting the full benefit of each program.

Special Event Assemblies & Fundraisers

  • Keep Your Power assemblies empower your entire student body to resolve conflicts more peacefully and support each other in communicating openly. Our simple, practical tools for students (and adults!) start working the minute the assembly ends. Printed materials support ongoing practice at home and in the classroom, and help your campus achieve a new level of peace and prosperity. (from $450) Also available in gender-specific groupings to address boy/girl communication differences.

  • Family Night Fundraisers bring the whole community together in a fun, relaxed, humorous environment to break down communication barriers and build strong bonds. Playful events help engage your families and raise money for the things you want to do throughout the year! (from $400)

  • ImprovPlay & CircusPlay 'quickie' assemblies delight your students throughout the year, are free when you sign up for an after school enrichment program, and deliver short, powerful community-building messages. (from $0)

Before & After School Enrichment

  • TheatreLive programs empower students to develop their own productions and learn valuable theatre skills by creating a team message to share with an audience, demonstrating a focus on values and community leadership.

  • CircusPlay programs delight students as they learn skills that fire up the brain and challenge dexterity. Our amazing performer teachers empower kids to discover hidden talents and new interests while practicing with a team.

  • ArtPlay programs provide students opportunities to explore self-expresssion through 5 different art modalities, and develop important skills for future success.

  • NaturePlay gets kids digging in the dirt to learn about sustainable living and Earth-management, developing or creating a garden for your entire school to enjoy.

(programs priced from $11 per hour per student)

E3 Daily Before & After School Care

E3 means to empower, encourage, and enlighten.

The LifePlay E3 Program for your daily on-site childcare needs provides an innovative, cutting-edge experience featuring conflict resolution coaching, experiential learning, small-group work, and daily empowerment for personal growth. Our team maintains a holistic approach to helping children grow, by communicating consistently with school staff, parents, and caregivers. The curriculum offered in the E3 program is like none other - try it and see the difference in your students every day!

(from $120 per month)

Specialty Programs / Workshops

  • Bring the power of Restorative Justice to your school, empowering your students to resolve conflicts in an innovative, non-punitive, rehabilitative manner. This powerful experiential program is suitable for all ages and brings your students into cutting-edge problem-solving.
  • Empower the girls and young women in your school or youth organizations with GirlPower!, a workshop tailored to the specific social and emotional development of girls. This program features components in leadership, wellbeing, personal relationships, and conflict resolution.
  • The SuperMan Project empowers boys and young men to express themselves, resolve conflicts, and communicate openly. Taught by men, for future successful men, this program honors and values the different way that boys think and feel.
  • Customize A Program!! Tell us what you would really like for your school or organization and we'll build it for you at no additional cost! Our team of experts loves designing new programs in the field of play and arts-based social and emotional intelligence.

Hi! We're LifePlay!

LifePlay is a growing team of over 30 educators, performers, and specialists in conflict resolution, positive discipline, child psychology, and the arts. With over 8 years of program development and innovation, LifePlay has consistently proven to be a leader in empowering, encouraging, and enlightening children and adults to live happier, more peaceful lives, through play.