Liveable Bayswater Campaign

Community Not Collector

What You Need To Know

The City of Ottawa will soon decide whether to reclassify - Bayswater Avenue & Beech Street - from residential streets to "collector" roads. See the October 8, 2013, presentation on the Preston-Carling Public Realm and Mobility Study.

The City defines a collector road as "the principal streets in urban and village neighbourhoods and are used by local residents, delivery and commercial vehicles, transit and school buses, cyclists, and pedestrians". The impact of this reclassification does not align with the residents vision for our street and neighbourhood.

Furthermore, we are concerned about increased traffic volume on our street based on the following activities planned for the Preston-Carling District, specifically:

  • Increased neighbourhood traffic due to nearby intensification
  • Shuttling buses South on Bayswater from Scott Street
  • Future road bridge over O-Train corridor at Hickory
  • New connector road linking Prince of Wales to Carling & Sherwood

As a first step, residents of Bayswater Avenue are opposing the reclassification of Bayswater Avenue and we are asking the City to remove references to Bayswater as a collector from all City planning documents.

For a successful campaign we need your help.

Thank You,

The Liveable Bayswater Working Group
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What You Can Do

  • Sign Liveable Bayswater Petition
  • Purchase a lawn sign
  • Join our letter writing campaign to Councillor Katherine Hobbs
  • Send an email or letter to Councillor Peter Hume, Chair of Planning Committee
  • Like our Facebook Page "Bayswater : Community Not Collector"
  • Join our Liveable Ottawa resident email list to get current updates
  • Copy or send correspondence to our email ""

Important Dates To Remember

  • Nov. 18-21 - Sign our Petition
  • Nov. 25 - Lawn sign Installation
  • December 5 - Bayswater Avenue Resident Meeting at 295 Bayswater Avenue @ 7 pm
  • December 9 - Public Meeting on Preston-Carling CDP, Tom Brown Arena @ 7 pm