A Tribute to Bud Peyen

By Xavier Sanchez (The News reporter)

Peyen, Bud. (1973)

The community of Fort Vermillion lost a loyal, generous and talented man. Sadly, no surviving members of Bud's family. (no kin). Formerly captain of the local Ferry, Bud was known to be one of the greatest Ferry drivers in Fort Vermillion. He was an excellent mechanic and a great musician.

The following pages are a tribute to our dear friend, Bud Peyen.

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The Ferry

Bud was a dedicated Ferry man. He loved his job and he was very good at it. He took a risk to help a friend which inevitably resulted in the loss of his job. He told three lies, which was unlike his normal character. The first lie was that Bud told the rest of people waiting to board the ferry that he would come back for them. The second lie was that he told the people waiting that Hank and Louise were married, and in fact they were not. The third lie was the fact that he told the people waiting that Hank was a teacher, though he wasn't. Bud lying shows how loyal he is to his friend, he is willing to sacrifice his Job to aid the health of Hank's wife Louise.

The Gentle Giant

Bud was depicted as a gentle giant. He was tall and strong, standing 6' 8. He was a man of few words, and spoke only when necessary.

There was a time when Lloyd Loonskin ran off into the woods and Hank (Ian's father) and Bud were looking for him. Lloyd was hiding from a man during the time he was out in the woods, the mans name was Sixtoes Mitchell, he was considered to be very terrifying and was armed with a rifle and seemed to be heading in the direction in which Lloyd was hiding.

He eventually got so close that it scared Lloyd so he ran off and Sixtoes fired a shot missing Lloyd. Bud and Hank heard the gunshot and had an overwhelming fear of hopelessness and sadness. It was too much for Bud and being the giant with a soft heart he sat down and started crying, tears pouring out of eyes like a waterfall. This shows that Bud Peyen has emotions just like everyone else and it really shows that he cares for Lloyd after expressing emotions of sadness.

Bud is also easily intimidated especially by white people who have authority over him. Bud feels he isn't intelligent enough for white people and will often not express his opinion, example can be Joe Beck. When Joe Beck confronted Bud he was yelling at him demanding to turn the boat around and all Bud was doing was mumbling under his breath. It was not until Hank came in that the argument converted over to him.

The Native Prince

Bud was talented when it came to music. He could change the lyrics to any song, he could practically pick up any instrument and play it without a problem, much like Prince who suddenly passed away this year in 2016. He also has a very powerful voice. He sang songs and even after his accident, which really damaged his brain, Bud was still able to sing one of his songs. Ian recalls one of his songs as being the best he's ever heard, it went a little something like this:

"Country girl, yes she was

Like wildflowers, on the plain

She needs a country

Needs the rain"

Bud Peyen was able to win every talent show he entered, although he was always decent enough to give away the trophy to someone else, someone who came in second. Bud could also change the lyrics to any song even when he was in the middle of singing one, he knew many songs and Ian would call him the Human Jukebox.

This just shows that Bud isn't just some native, he is someone with gifts and talents in which he does not take for granted as he will view himself as something less but the people of Fort Vermillion will always see him as greater person that Bud had seen in himself.

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The Loyal Giant

Bud Peyen was humble and loyal friend especially to Hank and Louise. Bud Peyen sacrificed his own job just to get Hank and Louise (who was pregnant at the time) across the ferry. Bud saw the circumstances and knew he couldn't be the one responsible for damaging not only Louise's health but also Hank's friendship.

Even after when Hank was gone he still helped Ian's family out, he knew that they were low on food so Bud would bring whatever game meat he had to Ian's family.

Everyday Bud would bring food for Ian's family and he would ask Louise on Hank's whereabouts, the answers in which would receive would be dissatisfying for Bud. He missed his friend so much and really wanted to see him.

Hank was gone for so long that he eventually forgot who Bud was. The news hurt Bud Peyen as he wanted Hank to visit him but he put that aside an still accepted him as a friend.

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The Generous Giant

During the time Louise and Hank were in Fort Vermillion, Louise had this dream house of hers that she wanted to come true. With the help of Bud that dream was possible, with Bud doing most of the work the house was done before winter thanks to Bud.
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Bud was Intelligent

Bud was depicted as big lumbering giant, but in reality Bud was very skilled and smart. He did most of the work when it came to building Hank's house. He was able to operate a ferry and he even was able to learn English. He could hunt and fix up anything, as him and Hank went looking around for Jobs that involved repairing and building.

Bud could also pick up almost any instrument and play it without a problem, he could also sing. Even after the accident Bud was still able to perform his music piece in the Legion Hall even after his bad car accident that permanently brain damaged him, he took first place and that was his last performance before his passing.

His Accident

Bud was involved in an a horrible collision with a moose causing him to crash his truck which resulted in him flying head first out the windshield resulting trauma to the brain. The accident had a heavy toll on his overall memory, he forgot where he was sometimes and would refer to Ian as Hank, thinking Ian was Hank.

The last time Ian and Hank saw each other the conversation went the following:



"You know, you're the smartest fellow I ever met."

"Thanks, Bud, that means a lot."

"And Hank?"

"Yes Bud?"

"We're friends, eh, me and you?"


What this shows is that Bud still remembers Hank's name, despite his accident and everything he's been through.

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Isolation and Abandonment.

Despite Bud loyalist nature towards Ian's family and especially Hank, Bud was abandon by the one whom he called friend, Hank. Hank put all his focus on what he wanted to do and completely forgot about Bud, eventually forgetting his name.

Bud died in an isolated place during the winter season, he forgot where his house was and sat on a log trying to remember. It eventually got too cold and Bud froze to death in an isolated part of the woods on a snow bank.

What can people learn from Bud

What people can essentially learn from Bud is you don't have to be smart to do extraordinary things. The traits in which a person desires can be used to change the world or the community in which they live in, and only they have the power to use them.
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