Tuesday Group--Gladys,Beatriz,and James

Chimpanzees diet

The chimpanzees like to eat leaves,seeds,and stems .

Chimpanzees behavior

Chimpanzees behavior

Chimpanzees form a group of gorilla . They share food , they hunt together , they play together , and live together .

Chimpanzees physical appearance

Chimpanzees are up to 1.7 meters (5.5 ft) and it weighs about 30 to 60 kg (65 to 130 lb).

Habitat and where does it live

Chimpanzees live in the Tropical Africa from lake Victoria in the east to Gambia in the west , on top of the trees .

Population and how many are left in the wild .

The population of the chimpanzees is about 115,000 . There are 115,000 chimpanzees left.

why is your animal endangered

The chimpanzees are endangered because people are hunting them and cutting their food .

what can humans do to help the chimpanzees

Human's can stop hunting the chimpanzees and can stop cutting they're food they can also help them.

Interesting fact

*Chimpanzee spend 50 to 75 percent of each day in the trees. *Biolgist believe chimpanzee live from 30 to 45 in their normal surroundings. *Chimpanzee communicate by barks,grunts,and screams. *Scientists believe chimpanzee form loosely tied groups called communtities witch share the same territory .