Kerala, The God's OWn County

Kerala Travel Destinations

Top Tourist Places to Discover in Kerala

Kerala is as well accepted as God’s Own Country, it is the land of admirable backwaters, award and lagoons, tigers and elephants, and the land of affluent attitude is one of the a lot of approved afterwards places by visitors all beyond the globe and Also Many Other Travel Spotes in Western Ghats Land . The accompaniment is ample with admirable places on the apple and that’s why they call it God’s Own Country. The culture of Kerala is appropriately admirable and which is a prime allure for the tourists. Here we have selected the most admired destination that a travel freak person being must analyze in Kerala.


Breathtakingly striking, a paradise of serenity and peace- the adorable day-tripper destination Munnar is cocooned in Kerala. It was the accepted summer resort of the prime British rulers. Pristine valleys, exotic breed of flora and fauna, aerial mountains and ambrosial cool conditioned air- yes! Munnar has all these and even added for every visitor. The beauteous hill town is snuggled at a height of 6000 ft in Idduki district.

The bouncing mural provides absurd eyes of bad-tempered rocks, abacus to the breathtaking views; the hill town fascinates assorted tourists every year. Red sandalwood, rosewood, boscage jack and teak are some of the attenuate copse begins in this area. It is as well a paradise for bird lovers are one can see attenuate birds here. This hill town is an ideal destination for honeymooners, chance seekers, attributes lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.


When talking about day-tripper places in Kerala, Alleppey backwaters consistently come on top because of the acquaintance that you get here. Yield a Kerala abjure bout and the pictures from the cruise will absolutely cede you memorable moments. Alleppey is a town with arresting lagoons, beaches, canals and backwaters. A houseboat bout in these backwaters is an admirable experience. These houseboats are well-equipped with all arrays of modern amenities that cede adequate and affable break for visitors. The best way to adore the amaranthine breathtaking adorableness of Kerala is to yield a ride in houseboat. Champakulam, Edathua Church, Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple and Krishna Palace are added above spots to visit in Alleppey.

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam is an internationally acclaimed bank amid in South Kerala. The bank done shores, adorable accustomed beauty; affluence of blooming ambience accomplish Kovalam a hot atom for every traveler. Amid in aloneness the bank is semi-circular in shape. Apart from attributes treat, sun bathing, herbal physique toning massages, swimming, appropriate cultural programmes and baiter canoeing are the leisure alternatives for you.


Thekkady in Kerala is nestled at a distance of approximately 60 miles from Trivandrum and is renowned for wild preservation. Unlike other wildlife places is wonderful and plentiful with numerous ranges of birds and other rare species. Thekkady Lake is a perfect destination with its never-ending tranquil beauty, with its crystal water, picturesque and tranquil ambiance this place truly impress all the vacationers heart and soul. Alongwith wildlife sanctuary, Thekkady Lake is an ideal destination with its amaranthine breathtaking beauty, chill acclimate and ambrosial aroma plantations. Are you an adventure enthusiast??? This destination has several added affairs for adventuresome humans like wildlife train, bedrock climbing, bound hiking, bamboo rafting and trekking.

Guruvayur Temple

The Guruvayur temple is one of the most admired shrines in Kerala and anchored at Thrissur district. The temple is adherent to Lord Vishnu and visited by abundant admirers annular the year. The walls of this altar are adorned with absorbing frescos of Lord Vishnu in assorted postures. The doors and roofs of this temple are belted with gold; therefore, Guruvayur temple is an absolute angelic abode for all the admirers of Vishnu.

The beauteous state of Kerala is thronged with numerous wonderful destinations and alluring sites which truly leaves the vacationers spell bound.