People In Science

By Ella Kluesner

Jon Bohmer

Jon Bohmer used sunlight, cardboard, and foil to make a Kyota Box oven. The Kyota Box oven heats food and water. The Kyota box oven uses 2 cardboard boxes painted black on the inside and coated with foil on the outside. It costs only $5 to make! Even though it only costs $5 to make it gets warm enough to boil water and cook food. He envisions these ovens distributed throughout rural Africa.

Dijanna Figueroa

Dijanna Figueroa wanted to be a marine biologist for as a long as she could remember. She spends up to 12 hours a day in the lab. She appeared in the movie Aliens Of The Deep. She was filmed for the movie in a dangerous place. She loves combining science with engineering. Dr. Figueroa is now working as a project scientist at the Marine Institute in California.

Mitchell W. Pryor

Mitchell W. Pryor tests new ways to use robots. Dr. Pryor received his PHD from U.T.. He has a program that gives kids a chance to get their hands on science stuff. He is a mechanical engineering.

Agnes Riley

Agnes Riley is from Budapest, Hungary. When she was a kid she liked reading more than technology. She learned how to fix a computer by trial and error. In 1999 she moved to New York City. Then she took an exam to become a licensed computer technician. She now is a file maker and develops user-friendly apps. When not at work she likes new tech, photography, skiing, movies, riding her motorcycle, and playing with her dog, Atlas.
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