RSES Faculty News

Week of September 19

PDP's for Certified Staff

All certified staff should sign-up for a time to meet with Dr. Neale concerning their PDP goals. The deadline is Friday, September 23rd.

State Health Plan

Open enrollment for the state health plan begins in a few weeks. Below is a link to the presentation that provides an overview of the options. I strongly encourage to review the changes.

School Wide RSE Picture

We will have the school wide picture next Friday, September 23rd. We will begin calling upper grades out around 9:20am then work our way down to calling K last.

Please follow the assigned shirt colors below:

Grades 1, 2, 4, 5 wear a RED shirt.

Grades 3 and Kindergarten wear a BLUE shirt.

First Staff Meeting 9/21/16

Our first staff meeting will be Wednesday, September 21st at 3:15. We should be finished by 4pm.

Please mark your calendar for October 25th for a presentation from the Pierce group who offers the flexible benefits options. Non-certified staff will meet at 2pm in the cafeteria and certified staff will meet at 3:15 in the media center.


September 21 – Staff Meeting

September 22 – 5th Grade to Symphony

September 23 – School Wide RSE pic

September 28 - Feeder Area Vertical Planning Session

for all Certified Teachers @NLMS 3:30-4:45

October 4 - K-2 Teachers attend math benchmark training @RSES 3:30-5:00

October 6 – Early Release-Parent Conferences 1-7pm

October 7 – Fun Run Kick-off

October 10 – 14th – Fun Run Week

October 12 - Fire and Safety Fair for 1st Grade

October 25 - Pierce Benefits Meeting

October 28 – Fall Festival

October 31st – Mandatory Workday – PD in the morning at St. James

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August 9 - Leisa Hoover (Happy Belated!)

August 14 - Sherry Burt (Happy Belated!)

September 5 - Leslie Kuhn

September 10 - Kim Creech

September 20 - Meg Carpenter

September 22 - Beth Earnhardt

September 23 - Valerie Rush

September 24 - Kelly Raney