4C News

Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Picture Retakes

Lifetouch will be here on Wednesday, October 24th to photograph kids who were absent on our picture day and/or kids who need their pictures retaken. Be sure to send in the original package with your student if s/he is being rephotographed.


Mrs. Close’s Class ~ We have completed Module 2. Kids took the assessment today. Please look for them to come home early next week. We will begin Module 3 on Monday. Module 3 is super long as it has 43 lessons! The unit begins with perimeter and area which will be followed by multiplication and division. Keep those Exit Ticket corrections coming my way! I told the kids that they do make a difference!

Ms. Gleason's Class ~ Today we started module 2. It is a very short module and only has 5 lessons. Our first lesson was converting between centimeters, meters and kilometers. We also added and subtracted problems with those units of measurement. In the following lessons, we will practice the same skills with gram, kilogram, liter and milliliter. We will be done with the module at the end of the week. The test for module 2 will be on 10/30.

Looking ahead... Module 3 is multiplication and division. The children need to practice multiplication facts at home. We will do some pracgtice in school, but home practice is needed as well. Our goal is for them to have automatic recall of the facts. Thank you for your support at home!

Longhouse Project

The groups are formed and the initial conversations have been had! :) Kids are coming home with a gray sheet in their Friday Folders. Please check it over and sign the back. They need to show me your signature on Monday morning. In addition, they are supposed to be prepared to chat with you about materials they would like to contribute.

Next week they will spend more time planning. Materials and supplies should begin coming in no sooner than Monday, October 29th.

Friday Exit Tickets

For the past few Fridays the kids have been completing an end of week exit ticket. They are so much fun to read! Be sure to check out your child's thoughts!


I made the first assignment available to all of the kids on Friday afternoon. I asked them to keep all the pieces in their silver folders so that it can easily travel between home and school. Since the kids have Friday off from school and its the first assignment, I decided to have the due date be Monday, October 29th.

There are four main pieces to the assignment. The assignment sheet, planning sheet, rough copy that I will edit, and then a final copy. If kids use their time wisely, the majority of the assignment should be able to be completed in school.

This is what I'll be editing for when I read your child's rough copy:

  • multiple paragraphs - Each student should have at least three paragraphs; an introduction, and a conclusion. Some kids may even have five paragraphs because they put each reason in its own section.
  • transitional phrases - Kids should be using transitional phrases to signal to the reader that a new reason is next. In addition, I will require the writers to use "for example" at least once within their piece.
  • spelling, grammar, & punctuation

Parent Conference

Thank you if you have already signed up to me meet with me. If you haven't, please do and the link is below.

Halloween Party

The kids will be busy building longhouses on Halloween day, but we will sneak in time for some snacks! You'll see a signupgenius link below! Please remember that all snacks and treats have to purchased. There is a space for "other" just in case you want to send something in that isn't on the list. Thank you in advance for your support!


  • Kids have PE on Monday and Wednesday this week. Remember those sneakers.
  • Chorus meets tomorrow!
  • Instrument lessons are Wednesday.