News From The Barre

April, 2016

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New schedule, same workout

Schedule change

Due to demand, our one-hour barre classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday are now at 6:15 a.m. and 8 a.m. We hope this new schedule is more accommodating to our barre students. As always, you can find out more about our barre and yoga classes and the schedule by looking up Be Barre Fit on MindBody or visiting

Have any feedback on our schedule? Any classes you'd like to see added or changed? Please let us know!

Policy change

As of April 1, the studio is implementing a $10 late cancellation fee for those who sign up for and then cancel a class with less than four hours notice. Please understand that the time of our instructors and making sure everyone has a spot available is important to us. When someone takes a spot in a full class and then does not show, it means someone else misses their workout.

Of course, in the event of dangerous or severe weather, the studio will close and this will not apply. Check our Facebook page for information on class cancellations and studio closings. We also understand that sometimes personal emergencies happen, so please let us know when this is the case.

Meet Sarah at the Barre

Head to the barre on Thursdays and you'll see a new face -- Soul Body Barre instructor Sarah Griffith.

You might find the tempo to be a little bit faster in these classes, which emphasize dynamic movements.

"Soul Body is choreographed to the move. On this song, on this beat, you are doing this exact movement," she explained.

While newcomers can certainly check out the class, it's also a great option for people who have been taking barre for a while and want to "bump it up."

When she's not teaching barre, Sarah is a physical therapist with ATI Physical Therapy. She came to her career after suffering a sports injury herself. Amazed at how the world of sports medicine worked, she decided to attend a six-year program at Saint Francis University in Loretto, Pa., to earn her doctorate degree in physical therapy.

Having been a runner while at school, Sarah was looking for a different workout after moving back to the area. It just so happened she knew someone who could help. She grew up across the street from Be Barre Fit instructor Audrey Griffith and, when the studio was about to open in fall 2014, Audrey was her mother-in-law to be.

"From talking to her I knew she was going through the training to become a barre instructor and it sounded interesting," Sarah recalled. She was here for the very first day of Be Barre Fit classes.

Now both Audrey and Sarah are instructors, as well as family. Sarah lives in Newark with her husband, Pat, a web designer, and their black Labradoodle, Moonshine. The two married last year in White Clay Creek State Park. Naturally, they are an active family. In addition to barre, Sarah likes to do yoga at home or explore the state parks with Pat and Moonshine.

Sarah taught her first class at Be Barre Fit this January. She hopes her barre class is a fun hour, and it usually is filled with smiles and laughter.

One element of barre she really likes is the way it emphasizes working from within and engaging the core through isolated, purposeful movements -- a concept shared in her PT work.

Her advice for new students: "Focus on getting the movements first, focus on getting that core and understanding the movement before you try to make it more challenging."

New addition to our team

Dara started coming to Be Barre Fit at a friend's suggestion shortly after the studio opened and then just kept coming. Although her ballet career ended shortly after it began at age 6 (she did not do well in recital), she loves dance, the arts and trying new workouts like Zumba, kickboxing and yoga. You can find her working the Be Barre Fit front desk or taking a barre class most days of the week. She lives in Delaware and works in Maryland as a writer and editor. She is First Aid/CPR certified.

Don't forget!

Be Barre Fit is participating in a community project for Yorklyn's Center for the Creative Arts. "Keep the Arts Alive Yorklyn” will revitalize the facility and grounds of the community arts center on Upper Snuff Mill Row. Enjoy a night out during one of the fundraising events, like the upcoming CCArts Guest Bartender event on April 25, or ask how you can become a volunteer.

This project launched April 1 and officially closes at a block party bash at CCArts on June 4. For more information, follow Keep the Arts Alive Yorklyn on Facebook.

CCArts Guest Bartender Fundraiser

Monday, April 25th, 6-9pm

4019 Kennett Pike

Greenville, DE