Review of 2015

Raneem A

Three companies marketed themselves the best and why?

1. I think apple marketed themselves best because they created many new products that all successfully sold. Apple has over 600 million people that own an apple product. Apple has multiple pages where you can go and access to see there products. All there websites are easy to find and give you a smooth experience with your new apple product. Apple released the apple watch and the iPhone 6s, these two products sold at a very high rate and spread a positive word on apple again.

2. I think Nike marketed themselves very well because they were always releasing new products that pleased everyone's needs. Nike has 32.9 million followers on Instagram where they post all their new products and designs. They also have 5.6 million followers on twitter where they connect with all their consumers and reply and answer all their questions. With all their social media places they connect and promote their products.

3. I think beats by Dre because they expanded there brand with apple which expanded there business. They have 949.8 thousand followers on twitter, where they promote all their products. On Instagram they have 2.5 million followers where they also promote all their new products and styles of speakers.

Two of the best products that were introduced in 2015? Worst new products in 2015?

Best: Iphone 6/6s, hover board Worst: Tesla model s, levitating speaker

Top ten Movies of 2015

1. Star Wars

2. Jurassic world

3. Furious 7

4. The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay

5. Inside out


New Year's Resolution

PERSONAL IMPROVEMENT: Eat more healthier

FAMILY AND FRIENDS: Make new friends