What is it?

Table of Contents

1. The Sun and The Moon

2. The nine planets.

3. Floaters.

4. Stars.

5. Constellations.

The Sun

The sun is really a big star that gives the Earth its energy!

It has a lot of strong gravity, so all of the planets like to stay close! Even the Earth will go in big circles around the sun!

The Moon

Right below here is the moon! You can also call the moon a "Satellite".

The moon is a place that real astronauts have walked on! It is different than a planet.

It likes the Earth's gravity, just like all planets love the Sun's! The moon goes in circles around us, while we go around the the biggest star!


Mars is known as the Red Planet because of the color!

The scientists think that Mars used to have large amounts of surface water, which they believe means there may have been life there!


Neptune has very strong winds because the planet is mostly made of gas!

Neptune also has rings, like Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. They are smaller and harder to see, but they have bunches of matter in random places!


Pluto is the farthest planet away from the sun!

Pluto is smaller than all of Jupiter's moons, Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto!


Above this is an asteroid. An asteroid is a rock that group up a planet, but is not a comet or a planet. Some people call them Planetoids, if they're super big!

There's a big group of them called an Asteroid Belt that obit between Mars and Jupiter.


A comet is a super cold ball of ice that releases gases or dust. People sometimes call them dirty snowballs, but now, scientist call them snowy dirtballs.

All comets will orbit around the sun!


A meteorite is a piece of space rock that people can find after it hits the Earth! If Asteroids or Comets hit the Earth, the piece of rock left behind is a meteorite!

If you find a meteorite in a certain place, they will name the rock after the place you found it!



A constellation is a group of stars often named after a character from an old, old story!

The Big Dipper

You can use the Big Dipper to find the North Star! Way back in time, travelers used the North Star to find direction when they were lost.

There are 88 constellations in the solar system!