A Christmas Carol

By Carolyn Tarpey

The play A Christmas Carol is a captivating story where the main character, Scrooge, turns his life around after meeting 3 ghosts. First, the costumes and the makeup were amazing. Especially on the ghosts. The makeup and the costumes really fit the time and place they were in. The dresses were huge, like at every party Scrooge went to/was at there were woman in these huge dresses that were bigger than them. For example Mrs. Feswink and her daughters. They all had these huge, colorful dresses. Oh, and the makeup (and costumes) on the ghosts, made them actually look like ghosts. On the other hand, the way the actors moved the props was different from other plays. The actors moved the props and used something (like Caroler's or a dialogue between characters) to distract others from the props being moved in/out. There was no curtain, there wasn't short pauses (with the curtain down). Just a full play without any breaks. Not including intermission though. It was just so different and so smart. It's was good they did it so they could keep the crowd entertained because it was super cool watching all of the different ways they moved the props. In addition, the the acting was amazing! No one messed up their lines, not even the young children. How do you learn so many lines and remember them all? Also, when the teacher was hitting the students... It looked so real. But obviously it wasn't, it couldn't have been. The emotions the actors did was just amazing. Like all of the times Scrooge got scared... That was amazing. His face and his motions when he got scared was so real and so true. The acting was so believable. Finally, the play was almost exactly like the book. Normally the movie/play is way different from the book. But A Christmas Carol (the play) was like the exact book (nothing changed) but in a visual form. The play was superb you should go try it out.


A sacrifice Scrooge had to make was at the end of the book. It was when he sacrificed a ton of money to make others, including himself happy. That was a very good sacrifice. Those sacrifices were the first nice things he had done in a long time. Next, a sacrifice I had to make was when we had taken a math test and we were correcting a test, he had already corrected just to see if he had made any mistakes. Which he did and I told my teacher that he had made a mistake on my paper. I had gotten a question wrong when he had put it as correct. I had to sacrifice a higher score which was hard for me to do because I really wanted to get a good grade in Advanced Algebra. But in end I got candy so that was good (I got candy for telling the truth).