How does a hurricane form?

This is how a hurricane forms... A Tropical Cyclone's form over the warmest part of the ocean. They start when warm water heats the air right above it that makes the air less dense. So it rises and lots of air moniculs go through and out.

How does a hurricane form?

The cool air wants to travel in a straight line but the spinning of the earth curves its path. Warm air keeps on going up and forms into big waves and lots of rain and clouds form. Inside the eye it is always calm and sunny.

Were does a hurricane get its power?

The winds move the storm across the ocean.

How to stay safe durring a hurricane

They will warn you a couple hours before the hurricane happens, so you have time to prepare yourself

Here are a couple ways to prepare your self...

  • You should register you and your family for a shelter you should not stay at your house during a hurricane
  • Make sure you have enough food and blankets for you and your family
  • When leaving the house to go someplace safe avoid flooded areas walking on foot
  • When driving a car avoid flooded areas because the road might be gone