The Road to Perseverance

Kamron Ullah (Chinese Cinderella)

What adversity does Adeline face?

Adeline faces constant rejection from her step-mother, but it is the abandonment of her father that hurts her the most. Rather it is being disowned, being excluded, being physically beaten, or even boarding school mean girls, Adeline struggles to believe what she is truly worth.

How did this challenge affect Adeline?

Because of the repeated neglect sooner rather than later Adeline became insecure and also began to develop doubt for herself more and more as the years went by. She felt as if she was an outsider to her family. When her father paid even the littlest attention to her it raised her self-esteem, but when he ignored her, she went back to feeling insecure again.

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How did she persevere through those problems?

Adeline showed a huge amount of resilience throughout the entire story. Even though, her family mistreated her, Adeline still went through points in life where most people would have broke instantly. She used hope and belief to get by. She had a strong belief that soon something good will come of her constant hard work. Adeline Yen Mah's perseverance is what kept her stable and strong.

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