Our Lady of the Cape Primary School

Newsletter - Weds 1 March 2023

Dear Lord Jesus

You led by example in serving others. Please help us to serve those around us in any little way that we can as we try our best to love, learn, share and respect in your light.


Important Dates

Thu 2 March: 10am Senior Swimming Carnival (Y4-Y6)

Fri 3 Mar: Pupil Free Day - Staff PD

Week 6

Mon 6 March: Labour Day Holiday

Wed 8 March: 9am Little Seedlings Playgroup

Fri 10 March: 2.15pm General Assembly

Week 7 (Online Naplan Test Window)

Sun 12 March: Y6 Carwash 10am - 3pm

Mon 13 March: Veggie stall before school

Wed 15 March: 9am Little Seedlings Playgroup

6pm SAC Meeting

Thur 16 March: P&F Executive Mtg

Fri 17 March: Bullying No Way! / St Patrick's Day

2.15pm General Assembly

Sat 18 March: 6pm: Y4 Family Mass and Eucharist Commitment Mass / Staff Commissioning

Dear Parents, Grandparents and Caregivers in the OLC Community,

Ash Wednesday

All our Year 3-6 students participated beautifully in our Ash Wednesday Mass in the Parish Church last Wednesday morning. Fr Ian chose Hamish O’Dea, Emily Hopkinson, Lakey Thompson and Indiana Harber-Niemann to role play out the story behind Ash Wednesday. Fr Ian is to be commended on inspiring everyone to be better people. We follow the life of Jesus within our OLC school values. The junior classes received their ashes in the liturgy held at school.

First Eucharist

All the candidates and their families attended the First Eucharist Meeting on Tuesday afternoon at OLC. Well done to all families and staff for leading the presentation.

COVID Updates

There are several immunocompromised members in our school community. Please keep your child at home if they have any cold or flu-like symptoms.

We are not permitted to administer Rapid Antigen Testing on students and also not permitted to breach the privacy of students/community members by disclosing those who are impacted by COVID-19. We will keep our community informed when there is an outbreak in your child’s class.

News out of the Chook Pen this week

All the eggs were snapped up quickly at the Monday morning stall last week. A bag of new pellets was purchased from Dunsborough Rural in an attempt to increase the work rate in the nest! Perhaps commencing a rumour about a new KFC coming to town may stimulate an increase in egg production.

Monday morning produce stall

Bring in your excess veggies from your productive home gardens. Leave a donation for what you take and all leftover a brought down to St Georges for the community meal on Tuesday evenings. We have also raised $113 for “Wheelchairs for Kids. (Every $200 we raise creates funding for a new wheelchair for a child in a third world country) Top effort guys. No stall next week because of the long weekend and the community meal is cooked on the Monday.


Our students were treated to various netball and soccer clinics last Wednesday. A large number of SEDA students from Perth came down to share their organisational and sporting skills with our lucky students.

Andrew Frazer: Artist in residence

All the students were treated to an art lesson with Artist in residence last week. Some of the students will have picked up some skills for life. Andrew has had a massive audience while he has been painting the new murals. Totally mind blowing watching this outstanding artist in action.

PD Day

This Friday 3 March is a pupil free day. The focus is on behaviour management. Esme’s (2) dad Arun from Oh Deli is preparing a delicious lunch for all the hard-working staff. (The editor is not sure whether the staff are looking forward to the Professional Development, having no students for a day or Arun’s lunch! Currently suspecting it may be the latter.)


Please ensure that you have sent back the” Payment Plan Advice’’ form (included with your fee statement) to the office admin@ladyofcape.wa.edu.au as soon as possible.

Any outstanding amounts from last year should also be paid.

Grrrrrrrrr (Grumpy Principal Winge of the week)

It has been brought to my attention that some parents share totally unfounded accusations about other students in our school that are just not correct. This behaviour is against our school code of conduct. If you have an issue with someone else’s child, please make an appointment to see the classroom teacher first before ever taking down the credibility of another familiy.

Our Code of Conduct can be accessed via this link: https://ladyofcape.wa.edu.au/school-policies/ (search Code of Conduct).

Did you know

  • The payphone in town is free.
  • Joel (2N) played golf with his grandad last Sunday.
  • Tom Ryan (6) has an 11-year-old Brindle Boxer dog named “Bear”. Tom is also working on an old HJ Toyota with his dad.
  • It is tricky to spell Mrs Knezevic’s surname
  • Lyla Pearson and Tom Ryan (6M) gave a tour of school to a prospective new family on Monday morning. They obviously did a good job as they signed up straight away!
  • Jamison Hart (6) and Lyla Pearson (6) created two magnificent signs to publicise our Monday morning fresh fruit, veggie, eggs and worm wizz stall.
  • Kiki Thompson (1K) and Liam Hulse (1K) came to show Mr. Lee some outstanding artwork at 12.52pm on Wednesday.
  • Beau means beautiful in the French language.
  • Our new Year 1 teacher, Mrs Tarma Neal, was in the top one percent of all graduating students in her final year at university.
  • Dylan Hart (3D) is a human dynamo at playing footy.
  • What do you call a hundred rabbits walking backwards? A receding hare line.
Big picture

I am sure there used to be a wall here once!

Big picture

A few bananas needed for these cheeky monkeys

Huge numbers using our super special playground. Very lucky students to have dedicated parents to provide these excellent facilities

  • Listening to Oscar Todd bounce into his car at “Drive Through” and say to his chauffer, “Hi mum, I've missed you!”

  • Watching the year two class members finding snails and then placing them back in the vincas outside their classroom. (Fortunately/unfortunately, vincas are a gourmet meal for snails)
Big picture

There could be worse places to be on a Monday morning. How lucky are we to live and work in such an outstanding environment!

OLC Dads raise more than $2500 for Starlight Foundation!

Congratulations to Al Kerr, Michael Dodd, David Barham and Tommy McNeil, who completed the Rottnest Channel Swim in just over 6 hours as a team, raising money for charity at the same time.
Eugene Lee


Big picture

Scholastic - Volunteer Required - Orders Now Open

Please click on the link to view the latest edition - note orders are all done on line through Loop


LOOP online orders only: early bird offer $5.00 off when using the promo code TAKEFIVEOFF.

Click on the link to order: https://mybookclubs.scholastic.com.au/Parent/Login.aspx

A very big thank you to Chelsea Davies who has been running the book club for several years now. Chelsea is now unable to continue in this roll and we are looking for someone to volunteer to take her place. Please contact the school if you are able to assist.


A big thankyou to everyone that has put their hands up to be a class representative. We are still looking for volunteers for 2Noonan. We can assure you the role is easy and rewarding and you will have lots of support from the P&F.

Our first P&F executive meeting is on Thursday 16 March at 2pm in the staff room. It would be great to see at least one rep from each class there. The meeting is also open to any parents that would like to be up to date with school information, including a report from Eugene and the school board. At the meeting we will discuss the fundraising plan for the year.

If you missed getting your sunscreen order in, Sun Bum warehouse is closed for stock take this week so we have until the following Tuesday 7 March to complete orders, so there is still time to get yours in.

Save the date….or washing your car till Sunday March 12th. The Year 6's will be working hard to wash cars between 10am and 2pm in the upper carpark. There will also be a fresh produce stall, baked goods and a sausage sizzle available.

Enjoy the extra long weekend with your families.

Big picture

First club day for Juniors (8 - 15 yrs) is this weekend - contact Mandy to register: YBRregistrar@gmail.com or 0427030978