1930s Era

By: Alex Gonzalez, wesley smallbear, Lavonne Garret

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Was the 32th President of the United States of America and only who served 4 terms and lead us through the great depression and ww2. Roosevelt's main goal was to end the great depression, he focused on immediate relief, long term recovery, and reform order to revive the economy. Facing the greatest crisis in US history he knew this was an opportunity to prove himself, he proposed sweeping economic reform and calling it "the new deal".

Al Capone

Al Capone was one of the most famous U.S. gangsters during the 1930s, a Chicago-based boss involved in illegal gambling, bootlegging and prostitution. Al Capone got his start in New York, working as a thug and bouncer. Capone was known for his smarts and brutality, and by 1925 he was in charge of one of Chicago's biggest criminal gangs. It was Capone's men who gunned down seven rivals in 1929 in what was called the "St. Valentine's Day Massacre. He rose to great power in Chicago then later then went to prison, once released he died of heart failure.

April 11, 1931

On may 1st 1931, President Hoover announced the opening of The empire State building. The construction begun on 1930 with 3,000 workers building 4.5 floors per week. The building was the tallest building in the world once finished. It became a huge icon for New York, it became the symbol of twentieth century man's attempt to achieve the impossible.

Dust Bowl

The name was given to the Great Plains region devastated by drought in the 1930s Depression. The middle region of America had no rainfall, light soil, and high winds. Black blizzards were loose top soiled picked up by the high winds causing severe havoc on homes and the citizens. dust storms greatly damaged the ecology and agriculture of the US and Canadian prairies during the 1930s; severe drought and a failure to apply dryland farming methods to prevent wind erosion caused the phenomenon.

Great Depression

It was an economic disaster on America, Europe and other industrialized areas. It was the worst time for America, employment rate went down, 1,350 banks failed in the US. Major business panic and pulled their money out from the back after the stock market crash. The economic decline reaches its worst point in 1933. 8.5% of the people were unemployed.
Family life in the 1930s
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