Dietary Guidelines

Kayla Neuhausel

What do dietary guidelines do for Americans ?

What is meant by health risk ? The likely hood of developing health problems

diet - The kinds of foods humans eat

Getting enough nutrients within your calorie needs

four factors that determine calorie needs.

- age , gender , weight your trying to lose ; gain ; or maintain , and activity level

How to maintain a healthy weight

Risk factor - any attribute, characteristic, or exposure of an individual that increases the likely hood of of developing a disease

health problems related to , to much body fat - diabetes , high blood pressure.

2 guidelines for including physical activity in your daily schedule.

importance to whole grains, fruits, vegetables and milk

3 reasons these foods are healthy for you - dense foods - healthy - maintain body weight

2 health benefits - good cholesterol , good heart weight

3 ways these foods can be including in your diet - snacks , with a meal and drinking them

how to limit fat and cholesterol

2 unhealthy fats - butter , fried foods

a disease that can develop from a high fat diet - high blood pressure , high cholesterol

guideline to achieve moderate fat in take - watch fat intake , choose certain foods

Be choosy with carbohydrates

foods with natural sugars - fruit and milk

foods with added sugar - donuts , pop , and cereal

why should you limit you sugar intake ? so it doesn't raise blood pressure , gain weight , and have high cholesterol

why reduce sodium and increase potassium ?

sodium leads to high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke

potassium - is healthy for you

disease linked to sodium - heart disease

what is a function of potassium - important for the proper function of all cells, tissue and organ in the human body

avoid alcohol

leads to liver cancer , increases cancer risk , causes accidents

why is food safety an important part of dietary guidelines ?

so you don't eat lots of fats and gain weight and have diseases