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September 27-October 4, 2015

As long as we make excuses, we will justify staying where we are. There are no excuses for settling for mediocrity.

Joel Olsteen

On the Edge of Culture

It has been wonderful to watch everyone work collaboratively at providing opportunities for student leadership. Watching the sophomore class sponsors work has been such a joy. They are very well organized and so supportive of one another. As they work to divide the labor and make the complex, simple, I see culture being constructed before my very eyes. Smeltzer and Mccloskey creating the ballots, Tovar and Humphries hosting the interest meeting Mrs. Gilb and Mr. Feimster organizing the work. All of their work and collaboration result in more opportunities for our students to develop as dynamic contributors to our society.

Another example of culture building is Mrs. Jones pushing her students to excellence through high expectations and consequently pushing Caleb Rose to earn a 1st Chair in state competition for the first time in the history of our high school. Or Mr. Jones going the extra mile to build his program by meeting consistently with the middle school band directors and making every opportunity for their students to collaborate with ours. Lot's of foundational pieces being instituted to solidify a culture of high expectations, a culture of excellence! What does your classroom culture look like? Is there high level questioning, rich student dialogue, rigorous work that challenges and pushes students to the next level of performance?

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Faculty Meetings & Professional Learning Communities

Faculty meetings are a good time to get together and learn from each other. Much like our students we learn from high levels of dialogue around central concepts. This week our focus was on helping instructors enrich student dialogue. Mrs. Mcdade facilitated the conversation and hopefully the conversation continues as you plan the work in your classrooms. Being reflective and methodical about our work is essential for student learning. The instructional delivery is always a display of the pre-work and thought that was done prior to the execution of the lesson. Mrs. Mcdade will be placing copies of the accountable talk stems in your boxes. Accountable talk stems give students much needed guidance with conversations around concepts during class. Practice the use of the stems to help students facilitate their own high level conversations and see below for the connection between student dialogue and the Teacher Excellence Initiative.
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  1. ID machine has been repaired and supplies are in. ID badge photos will be taken Thursday in Social Studies Classes
  2. Please post lesson plans in a visible place for visitors to access. (Remember lesson plans should reflect pacing by the minute for components within the lesson plan)
  3. Don't forget to submit SLO's!
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Conrad Vs. Newman Smith High School-Volleyball

Tuesday, Sep. 29th, 6pm

2335 North Josey Lane

Carrollton, TX

Conrad Vs. Bryan Adams High School-Football

Friday, Oct. 2nd, 7:30pm

8233 Military Parkway

Dallas, TX

Conrad Vs. Bryan Adams High School Football-Junion Varsity

Friday, Oct. 2nd, 6pm

2101 Millmar Drive

Dallas, TX

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On this special day, we wish you all the very best! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Blevins Joseph 29 – September

Sarvadi Kim 30 – September

Tyeskie . M. T 1 – October

McDowell Joanna 2 – October

Hill Stephanie 4 – October

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