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Christian Assistance Ministry Winter 2016

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Why Wheat?

When you harvest your fields, do not cut the grain at the edges of the fields, and do not go back to cut the heads of grain that were left; leave them for poor…" Leviticus, 23:22

As you can see, we have developed a new logo for CAM. As always, along with doing our best for those we serve, we strive to make our ministry relevant and understood by volunteers, churches, donors and the community at large. It is in doing this that we can ensure that we have what is needed for those we serve. We too question how we could brand CAM so that when people see a certain image or think of us, our purpose is powerful and all encompassing. So much goes into what we do both physically and spiritually.

The wheat logo for CAM references our commitment to sharing and caring for all of those in need by feeding them, clothing them, providing financial assistance and feeding their soul through grace and love. Across the world, wheat is often a symbol of life, sustainability and charity . Wheat is a global sustainer of life being utilized to create various forms of bread in different cultures.

Historically people planted, harvested and broke bread together for the betterment of their community. Celebrating this incredible bounty by giving back was and is an important part of all cultures. Today many of us harvest in
different ways and sharing our bounty with others is still important.

We are committed to sharing our Harvest and hope that others will consider the question,

“How will you share your Harvest?”

Clients Served in 2015

¨ 53,000 Individuals served

¨ 38, 658 were provided food

¨ 20,279 were provided clothing

¨ 5,077 individuals received financial
assistance (rent, prescriptions, utilities,
bus passes/tickets, ID recovery)

¨ 300 served through Back to School

¨ 929 served through the Christmas Shop

¨ 250 received a free hair cut for employment

He Shared his Harvest

Our volunteers Rich and Cecilia work in our men’s
pantry. They pass out sack lunches each Tuesday
morning to a long line of people and help men who need socks, underwear, hygiene items, shoes, jeans etc. On a late Tuesday morning as they were helping a young man - “Tom” select a pair of shoes, another gentlemen stepped up and asked for a sack lunch. Rich explained that we had depleted our supply for the day and suggested some other possible locations. Before he could finish, Tom, the other man being helped, opened his own sack lunch and handed the man his sandwich stating that there were plenty of
other items in the lunch and he was happy to share. Tom himself was in great need, struggling, but he was willing to share his Harvest with another. Rich and Cecilia shared that this happens quite often and the power of human love, generosity and care brings them to serve at CAM each week.

Christmas Blessings at CAM

  • 929 children were served between both CAM locations
  • 90 volunteers served at CAM Downtown
  • 41 volunteers served at CAM Northwest
  • Each child received 2 toys, stuffed animals, and took 2 books
  • Parents received the joy of being able to give their children a Christmas!

All of this was made possible by individuals and families like you!

CAM Needs

1. to help with our data basing

2. to answer phones

3. to work with clients

  • Men’s Jeans
  • Men’s Shoes
  • Children’s clothing -emphasis on boys clothing

What is the Big Give SA?

The Big Give S.A. is a 24-hour online giving day that will take place from midnight to midnight on May 3, 2016.

What we need more than even a donation (although that is always nice) is for people to sign up to be CAM CHAMPIONS. It is an incredibly simple and yet powerful way for you to volunteer for CAM from your own home or office. As we get close to the Big Give SA date, we will be posting messages using social media and we need our CAM CHAMPIONS to simply repost these messages, share, like etc. Our goal is share the message of CAM with as many people as possible. Please email us at if you can be a CAM CHAMPION.

How do individuals participate in The Big Give S.A.?
On May 3rd, visit to make a donation to Christian Assistance Ministry. All donations on May 3rd give your favorite nonprofit the opportunity to earn matching funds and prize incentives. This means that your gift has the capacity to leverage additional funding. You can give by phone, tablet, or computer. The minimum donation is $10. There is not a maximum donation.

CAM Fiesta Medal

Check out our website— in late March to see how you can order your own CAM Fiesta Medal!

Upcoming Events

March 31
Soles to Souls shoe donation deadline

April 15
Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon Noon
First Presbyterian Church

May 3
Big Give SA