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Finland Facts Compared to United States

  • Population- 5.5 Million/ 316.4 Million
  • GDP- $194.2 Million/ $16.8 Trillion
  • GDP Growth %- -1.4% growth/ 1.9% growth
  • GDP Per Capita- $35,617 per capita/ $53,101 per capita
  • Unemployment- 8.1%/ 7.5%
  • Inflation- 2.2%/ 1.5%
  • Foreign Direct Investment- $-1064.8 million/ $187.5 Billion

7 Major Sources of Economic Progress

Legal System

The Legal System for Finland has been getting better each each. The comparison between Finland and the United States is a little different. In 2009 United States stayed the same while Finland raised up more. As the United States lowered a little bit Finland seems to be just above the United States.

Competitive Markets

In the graph the United States seemed to go down to the mostly free and lower section of the graph as Finland went to the free and higher sections of the graph. In the competitive markets section for Finland, Finland seems to be doing well because Finland is the producer of Nokia, and Neste Oil which people use for gas for their cars.

Limits on Government Regulation

For Finland limits on government regulations isn't the strongest. In the graph Finland is below the repressed section. Meanwhile the United States is doing better than Finland in this section and is in between the mostly unfree and moderately free sections.

An Efficient Capital Market

From 1995 to 2001 Finland is with the world average on the graph while United States is in the moderately and mostly free sections. Towards 2001 and 2002 both Finland and the United States rise up, and towards 2007 Finland keeps going up while United States goes down.

Monetary Stability

In this graph Finland and the United States are both above the world average by a little bit. Around 1998 Finland starts to move up and down moving from the sections of free to mostly free. While the United States stays in the free section until 2010 when United States starts to move to the mostly free section.

Low Tax Rates

In low tax rates United States and Finland exactly the same from 1999 to 2006. Finland then stays in the moderately to mostly free section till 2009 and United States goes up until 2010 and starts to go down to the unfree sections while Finland goes up past the free sections.

Free Trade

In the graph for free trade Finland and United States and mostly in the same sections for the entire graph. They are both start in between the mostly free and free sections but towards 2007 through 2015 the move up to the free section.
Lack Of Growth For Finland
The video above is mostly about Finland's lack of growth and how through out the years and months the percents of things have moved both up and down.