Old TVs

Here's some cool stuff that you didn't know about old TVs.

The first TVs.

The first tv was invented by chars francs ganckens and philo francsworth on. September 7, 1927. It was powered by electricity.

About the project.

I learned a lot about old TVs after I did my research project about the old tv. I went to google to see how big the screen was and it turns out the screen is very small. This was fun because I learned about a bunch of things like who made the first tv and where is was made. I can tell people stuff that they don't know about the old TVs. Are you ready to Learn about old TVs?


The tv had a total of 5 different parts. You could barely see the screen. The first tv came out in 1927. They would control it by a hand dial. They had to make a few prototypes. They were all black and white.

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