Moscow, Russia

Green parks, Delectable foods, and many Cultural desires.

Mini Cuazines? Guess again.

The number one rated restaurant in Moscow, is “Stax”, a place that sells sandwiches, soups and subs. Shie Soup is made of meat, cabbage, and potatoes. Salted Cabbage, which is cabbage put in a jar with other spices, is considered a Vodka Snack. A Vodka Snack is an appetizer that goes along with Vodka. Although we may not get to try every single type of food, they’re still in our future. So come on down to try some!

Moscow holds many Russian treasures for you to see.

Back in the Mid-Evil times, the Russians have a Slavic type of culture. Starting around the 17th Century, cultures around Russia have been inspired by Europe. Believe it or not, Moscow is in the shape of a wheel, which makes sense because so many places are surrounding Moscow. Hey, maybe, if you looked, you could find Karl Brullav (first romantic artist)’s house. Though history is history, you can rediscover it, when you visit.

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When you visit, Moscow has entertainment that you’ll never forget!

Moscow has lots (and I mean LOTS) of operas and ballets to check out. Cosmonauts Day is the celebration of when the Russians first sent men into outer space. Moscow also has very fancy hotels to stay the night at. If you ABSOLUTELY love ballet, here’s one of the most special kinds of it: Marinsky Ballet. Enjoy multiple places in Moscow! Just don’t over-do your budget.

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Moscow is full of beautiful, historic, and cultural places to explore!

Ulista Varvarka is the smallest street in Moscow. It is very pretty. Moscow is known as one of the greenest countries in the world. Moscow has over 100 museums and art galleries. Orthodox, Moscow has tons of cool historic architecture. Over all, Moscow is a great place to see historical sites.

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Moscow’s got a language that has stuck for a long time.

Russia’s alphabet is the Cyrillic alphabet. There are 33 Cyrillic characters in Russia’s alphabet. Some Cyrillic characters look like English ones. The Cyrillic alphabet started in the 11th Century. If you go visit Moscow, you need to know how to speak Russian.

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Watch for when you go to Moscow, or you’ll have second thoughts.

Temperatures reach from 0 degrese to 84 degrese. In 1940, the coldest that was reached in Moscow was -42.2 degrese. July is the warmest point in Moscow, unless it snows. When it snows during the winter time, it is warmer then, than in the summer when it snows. Moscow is a great place to go to in the summer time, but check to see if it’s snowing first.

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