communications smore

Jacee hamlin


The exchanging of information or news between people.

2 types of communication

verbal and non-verbal

Verbal: is the use of sounds and words to express yourself.
*talking face to face with someone
*talking on the phone
*asking questions

Non-verbal- has been defined as communications with out words.
*sign language
* messaging
* body language


Definition: a type of language that consists of words and phrases that are regarded as very informal.

when is slang appropriate for use?
- Using slang words are only appropriate when you are texting or talking to friends!

"i" message vs. "you" message

"I" message- means you take ownership of your feelings

* "I think" you are ignoring me

"U" message- place blame on the other person, may aggravate the situation

* "you" are ignoring me

Which type of message Is best and why?

- "I" message is better because it's comes off more soft and genuine. When your using you message you can sound demanding and that could come off wrong on a lot people

8 tips for better communication your body launge

2.ask questions

3. Put away distractions specific


6. Eliminate conversation fillers patient

8.say what you mean

10 tips to manage conflicts

1. Ask questions

2. Analyze expectations

3.reconize different perspectives

4.identify mistakes

5. Be wear of emotional triggers

6.focus on preventing escalation

7.take action to control the situation

8.commit to working it the conflict

10. Stay calm


Netiquette is the correct way of comunicating on the Internet