Education At It's Finest

Mrs. Steinbeicher, the model teacher!

A Unique and Caring Learning Experience

Mrs. Steinbeicher is truly an advocate for the differentiated learner and it is apparent in the student's behavior and the atmosphere that she creates in her classroom. Mrs. Steinbeicher is one of the most caring and effective teachers that I have seen!

Story Book Reading

The teacher asked questions about the pictures to check for thinking skills and understanding the plot for the story.

Students raised their hands before speaking which exhibits classroom management.

Mrs. Steinbacher used examples of words like “perseverance” and gave practical examples.

Mrs. Steinbacher asked questions about their emotions to engage them into the story.

Afterwards the students would have to write about the theme of the story and draw a picture of the main events.

Mrs. Steinbacher also used the smart board to show an example of her journal before having the kids return back to their seat to do the same.

I also loved the celebration of everyone using their thinking skills by “kissing your brain”.

Classroom Management

Personal Observations

Interesting Moments

The “Specials” teacher for Spanish had no creative classroom management and just threatened the children. There was a huge disconnect between this teacher’s methods and the primary teacher. The children also commented on the disparity.

There was a student that wandered throughout the class and seemed to be the exception to the rule regarding behavior yet the Mrs. Steinbeicher still seemed in control of how far he could go. When I addressed her regarding him, she advised me that he had gone through some personal situations and his previous teacher considered him a problem child. However, Mrs. Steinbeicher did not accept this labeling of the student but built a relationship with him which allowed him to feel more comfortable in her class and also be able to absorb more of the curriculum. Although the student didn’t sit on the rug with the other children, the teacher still seemed in control of his behavior and it appeared to work better for the class because she didn’t interrupt her lessons to redirect him yet he knew not to be disruptive.

Strategic and Diversified Teaching

Mrs. Steinbeicher took the time to teach the students that wore glasses how to put them on and take them off as well as clean their glasses for them. She really cares about the children that she teaches and it shows in how she differentiated her instruction according to the individual needs.
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