Italy's Revolution

Italy and its Revolution

Information about Italy

Italy is located in the northern continent, it is in the northern-western hemisphere and it is easily accessible. Italy has 80% of their population as Christian and the other 20% is Atheists and Agnostics. Italy has 4 languages that they speak, The main language is Italian then there are other common languages spoken such as German,French and Slovene. Italy has a Republic Government that is in the capital (Rome). Italy got their Independence in March 17, 1861. Italy's life expectancy is 77 for males and 83 for females. School in Italy is free and classes go from Monday through to Saturday School, for younger kids, is very serious. They spend most of their time doing homework and studying for upcoming tests.

Why Italy will go into a revolution

Italy's air is polluted from industrial emissions such as sulfur dioxide. Coastal and inland rivers are polluted from industrial and agriculture effluents; acid rain is damaging lakes and inadequate industrial waste treatment and disposal facilities.

Other reasons;

Whaling, Hazardous Wastes, Air Pollution, Marine Dumping etc...

The process of dumping in lakes and letting it take over the area.

Italy's Capri walk.

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