Why Unicorns Are All Gone

A Pourquoi Story By Kate Vanderspool

A long time ago, in a place we now call Pittsburg, there was once a small village called Nosteralica. Nosteralica was not your average place. It was a very magical place, especially when the unicorns were around. It was a very sad time in Nosteralica when they died, especially for Belinda, mainly because she was left alone. But something had also gone wrong for her. It was about 7,000 years back when the unicorns were around, and all of the little munchkins were out playing and waiting for the annual Saint Puffy Day feast to begin. They heard the noon bell and headed toward the feast not know that at this time, unicorns were being dehorned by a magical spell Belinda was cursing.

The reason that she needed the horns, was that she needed them for her evil plan. Belinda's plan was to turn all the munchkins into evil trolls to be her minions so she could take over the world. She could not complete this spell without the rarest ingredients: one speck of hair from the eldest and youngest munchkins, a pinch of fairy dust from the dream forest, and the most complicated one yet, unicorn horns. To make enough potion she had to get 159 horns, and there were exactly 159 unicorns, so she had just enough! The whole point of getting the horns was not to kill the unicorns, but just to get their magic, and all of their magic is in their horns. This would leave the unicorns with no magic, but Belinda didn't know that these were the only unicorns left, and she would be killing the existence of all unicorns and turning them into an new unknown species. Since she had no idea that any of that would happen, she froze time and cast a spell that took off all the horns and put them into a cauldron with all the other ingredients. Then she unfroze time and zapped herself to the patio where the munchkins would soon be feasting, and pored the potion into the punch. Then she ran to the trees and waited for her army to build up.

The poor munchkins saw nothing coming. They happily drank their potion punch not knowing what was in it. Then, one by one, Belinda watched with excitement from the trees, as they turned into little evil trolls. She smirked as they started walking like zombies towards her. But then, all of the sudden, something went wrong! She had forgotten to put the fairy dust in. The trolls rapidly turned to each other and destroyed one another. Now Belinda felt so lonely! After she had taken their horns, the unicorns ran away in disgust as new creatures, and the munchkins weren't around to mess with anymore, so she ran into the woods. And, every once in a while, she sees unicorn-shaped figures without horns haunting her as new animals. She has herd rumors about their name and decided that she heard "horse" the most, so that's what the name shall be. If it weren't for Belinda dehorning the unicorns, there wouldn't be any horses!