Tap Begins Today!


I am so excited!

Today marks the start of our new year of TAP! I can't wait to see everyone's TAPPY faces back in the studio!


Miss Valerie

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Newsletter Contents:

  • Calendar
  • 2018-2019 Schedule & Registration Information
  • New Tap Class Standards
  • Tap Homework
  • New RSVP Policy for Adult Classes
  • Our Newly-Updated Syllabus



13: Session 1 Begins!

13-18: Payment Due for Session 1 before your student's first class

13-18: Parent Week - Parents are invited to observe class!


3: Labor Day - Studio is OPEN

3-8: Spirit Week - Wear GREEN to class!

2018-2019 Schedule

Visit our website to view:

Registration Process

  1. Complete the secure Online Registration Form.
  2. We will contact you via e-mail to confirm your registration and preferred payment method.
  3. Before your first class, make your first payment of the Registration Fee, Tuition and any applicable Syllabus Assessment fees.
  4. On the day of your first class, sign the pre-filled registration form in person.

Registration Details

  • Placement: You should have received an email with your placement already. If you did not receive an e-mail from Miss Valerie with your recommended classes, please reach out!
  • Private Lessons: We have very limited space for private lessons, so if you plan to schedule weekly lessons, please contact us ASAP!
  • Full Class: Foundational Tap Repertory is full. If you would like to join the wait list, please Miss Valerie know!
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New Tap Class Standards

  1. Focus on the goal: I am here to learn how to tap dance.
  2. Share the joy of tap dance: I begin each tap class with a smile on my face!
  3. Best foot forward: I am here to work hard and try my best!
  4. Dance with strength: My tap sounds are strong and loud.
  5. Tap is music: My tap sounds and body rhythms match the music.
  6. Respect the dance: I respect tap dance history and bring my best attitude to class.
  7. Respect the dance community: I respect ALL dancers: my classmates, my instructor, dancers within the community, tap leaders and tap legends.
  8. Commit to the goal: I try my best to attend each and every tap class.

Tap Homework

Yay! Tap Homework is BACK! Each week, we will study a different tap master. A wide variety of tap legends and living tap artists have been selected to expose students to the many faces and styles of tap dance.

Students will be given a folder which contains all of the homework assignments for the year. In addition, we will discuss each week's tap master and view a short piece of footage in the last 5 minutes of most classes.

RSVP Policy for Adult Classes

Our new RSVP policy will come into effect on August 13, 2018. You can view more details about this new policy on both the RSVP and the Policies pages.

This policy only applies to students who use class cards and drop-ins. Students who pay for class tuition have paid for every class in advance and are guaranteed a spot.

The Syllabus

We are dedicated to providing a fundamental and organized educational syllabus for our dancers. Our newly-revised syllabus has been carefully designed to give each tap dancer a strong foundation in jazz tap technique.

All 1st-12th grade students will be highly encouraged to participate in their Syllabus Assessment during the week of December 3rd. Throughout Session 1 and 2, students will be given all necessary tools and support in order to prepare for success on their Syllabus Assessment.

During this exam, each dancer meets privately with a panel of friendly, supportive adjudicators (including Miss Valerie) and is ranked on technical proficiency, stage presence, knowledge of musical concepts, knowledge of tap history and more. A passing score on the syllabus exam is necessary in order to progress to the next level. Other factors will impact the score, such as attendance, attitude in class, completion of homework and completion of a self-evaluation.


  • We truly believe the Syllabus Assessment will inspire, equip and enable each student to reach their potential in tap!
  • Students will gain a greater sense of pride and ownership in their tap dance studies.
  • Students will be motivated to work towards an attainable goal!
  • Students will have clear guidelines for syllabus assessment content, as communicated in the syllabus materials packet and by the instructor in class. There will be no surprises on the assessment day!
  • Every class leading up to the syllabus exam will prepare the student for their big day!
  • The experience of presenting and dancing in front of the panel of adjudicators is an act of bravery; this will teach students that they are capable of overcoming challenges!
  • A passing score on the syllabus exam is necessary in order to progress to the next level.

Questions? Concerns?

Please e-mail me (vthurston@thetapstudioak.com) with all questions and concerns! I'm so looking forward to our FOURTH year of tappiness at The Tap Studio!

-Valerie Thurston

Owner, The Tap Studio

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